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what is a wall top plate

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Wall plate definition a horizontal member built into or laid along the top of a wall to support and distribute the pressure from joists rafters etc. See more.

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A top plate is a component of wood frame construction running horizontally along the top of the joists. If a house is stripped down to the framing the top plate will be readily visible at the top of the studs on each floor of the building.

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Rake-wall framing made sense for this house since the north (front) wall is only a couple of feet tall and the rear wall is 8 ft. tall – in the fashion of a saltbox. We started by tacking the bottom plate to a line snapped 5-1/2 in. inside of the gable end and tacking top plates along the roof plane lines.

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the jack stud attaches to the top plate; the jack stud attaches to the top of the lintel. It is usually easier to use the alternative fixing of a strap running continuously from top plate to the lintel where jack studs are short. Alternative 4.7 kN fixing. Table 2.2 in NZS 3604:2011 has a reference guide to fixing types and their locations.

Top plate

Top plate. Top plates are built along the full length of all walls including over openings. Where roof trusses or rafters land on top plates directly above a stud the top plate may be the same section as the stud. Where roof trusses or rafters do not land directly over a stud the top plate needs to be reinforced with blocking.

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@EdBeal It's not an exterior wall it's open to the attic over the 1st floor on one side. This is actually the back edge of a closet which is only 4' wide. The roofline passes over this spot. The front side of the closet lines up with a wall that I think is load bearing. Again I'd need to check though. It's only a standard 2x4 top plate.

Pony Walls: What Are They and How to Build Them - This Old House

A pony wall is nothing more than a short wall and the term is often used interchangeably with “knee wall” or “cripple wall.” Pony walls like regular walls have top and bottom plates that is the horizontal members that the vertical studs fasten to.

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The studs are nailed to this plate which is nailed to the floor. At the top of the wall is the top plate. Often a doubled 2x4 it anchors the top ends of the studs as well as ties the wall into the ceiling. In new construction the walls are usually built while on the floor with a single top plate.

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Top Plate - This is similar to the sill plate but forms the top of your wall instead of the bottom. The best way to engineer a top plate is to DOUBLE it. Double top plates are a type of top where you use two top plates nailed together and you stagger all of the joints and all of the edges.

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The top plate is the horizontal board that runs across the top of the wall. When installing insulation in your attic place the foil or paper backing against the ceiling with the fiberglass

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Loads on double top plates are not considered a problem if the wall has sheathing attached and nailed properly.If the sheathing is nailed to the top plates I consider it stiff enough (Engineering judgement) to transfer the loads to the studs.

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Exception: A single top plate used as an alternative to a double top plate shall comply with the following: The single top plate shall be tied at corners intersecting walls and at in-line splices in straight wall lines in accordance with Table R602.3.2.

MAT106: Wall Framing

TOP PLATES –EXTERIOR WALLS & INTERIOR BEARING WALLS Tie req’d if > 50% Fig. R 602.6.1 shows strap on one plate; text in ’03 IRC R602.6.1Indicates strap on both plates. ICC interpretation is to put strap on just one plate. ’06 clarifies one strap. One of the functions of the top plate is transfer lateral forcesin the wall and

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The top-plate-to-stud connectors must be installed on the same side of the top plate as the roof-to-wall connectors. Connector models must be selected and installed in a manner that does not induce significant tension stresses perpendicular to the grain of the wood top-plate members.

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I am thinking of cutting out and replacing the top plate sixteen inches worth at a time. Suppoirting the affected studs and ceiling joists would be done using temporary columns as opposed to a temporary wall a few inches inboard of the top plate.

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Move the top plate of the wall back and forth until the dimension is exactly the same going both ways this tells you the wall is square. Put a nail thru the top plate into the floor to hold it. Double check that the wall is square because once the sheeting is put on it will be impossible to change its squareness.

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Wall plates fall into two main categories: basic thermoplastic plates sometimes called contractor plates and decorative plates. Thermoplastic Wall Plates . The most popular and cost-effective wall plate material is thermoplastic. These wall plates are lightweight sturdy and easy to clean.

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Bearing walls use the double top plates to transfer loads from joists above through the wall studs through the sole plates through the floor system to the beams columns foundations and footings. Joints in top plates have to be located over the studs. The top and bottom double plate should not both have joints over the same stud.

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Thus the bottom plate is the foot of the wall the studs are the ribs and the top plate is the head of the wall. Hemlock is considered a high-quality lumber. As a rule interior framing in a completed structure must be done vertically; bottom plate nailed to the subfloor studs nailed or screwed to the bottom plate then to the top plate.

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In simplest terms a wall is a six-sided box consisting of a horizontal top plate a horizontal bottom plate and vertical side studs with a gypsum board and wall sheathing back all fastened together to create a wall cavity that is typically filled with insulation when this wall is part of the building’s exterior shell.

How to Anchor a Sill Plate to a Cinder Block Foundation

A sill plate sits on top of the foundation and serves as the structural base for the floor joist frame. Sill plates are made from treated wood since they are exposed to the masonry foundation

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Wall Frame Top Plate. A Top Plate is the continuous timber beam on top of the walls that supports the roof structure by carrying the vertical forces from the rafters to the wall studs.

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R602.2.3 Top plate. - ICC

R602.2.7.1 Drilling and notching of top plate. When piping or ductwork is placed in or partly in an exterior wall or interior load-bearing wall necessitating cutting drilling or notching of the top plate by more than 50 percent of its width a galvanized metal tie of not less than 0.054 inch thick (1.37 mm) (16 ga) and 1 1/

Basement wall: Do I use single or double top plate

This is an exterior wall. From what I have read and seen everyone uses single top plate. A carpenter told me to use double for extra support. If I do use 2 top plates I’m thinking of starting with 16 footers on top plate and then staggering 8 and 16 footers underneath. Joe

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When piping or ductwork is placed in or partly in an exterior wall or interior load-bearing wall necessitating cutting drilling or notching of the top plate by more than 50 percent of its width a galvanized metal tie not less than 0.054 inch thick (1.37 mm) (16 ga) and 1 1 / 2 inches (38 mm) wide shall be fastened across and to the plate at each side of the opening with not less than eight

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The rafters are usually secured to the wall top plate with toenails driven through the birdsmouth or with metal “rafter tie down” plates. Manufactured trusses—because of the way they’re constructed—usually do not have birdsmouths. And cutting a birdsmouth into a truss (because each is an engineered system) is an absolute no-no.

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A. Robert Bouchet responds: Actually a double top plate correctly lapped and nailed is considerably stronger than a single plate and a TP connector. For example one of the forces acting on the top plate is the lateral force from wind or an earthquake. As the wall racks from this force tension develops at the splices in a double top plate.


If a double top plate is used and joints in the top plates are staggered neither the 3kN or 6kN capacity connections are required according to NZS 3604. Right angle connections in top plates . For the right-angle connections at M1 and O1 in Figure 4 if the wall on bracing line A has:

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Joining the Top Plate to the Floor Joists. If the floor joists run into the top plate your job is that much easier just screw the board into each joist. If they are parallel you will have to run pieces of wood from the joists to the wall so the top plate can be screwed in.

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