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Hanging Drywall over ceiling tiles | DIY Home Improvement Forum

I have an 13 by 13 den that was an addition to the house about 20 years ago and it has ceiling tiles right now. It also has blown in insulation and wondering if it is possible to install drywall right over the old ceiling tiles would save me a lot of time an money if this is possible. I would

3 Ways to Tile over Tile - wikiHow

How to Tile over Tile. If you want to replace an old tiled surface you might think that you can only do so by painstakingly removing the old tile first. As long as the old surface is in a fairly sturdy condition however you can lay

Tiling Over Tiles | How to Tile Over Ceramic Wall and Floor

Tiling Over Ceramic Tiles – How to Lay Tiles on top of Existing Wall and Floor Tiles. Tiling over tiles. How to tile over ceramic tiles and lay new tiles onto already tiled walls without needing to remove all of the exiting tiles. You will learn how to stagger the joints of the new tiles over the old how to clean down existing tiled walls

Can You Install a Ceramic Tile Backsplash on Drywall? | Today

Installing a Ceramic Tile Backsplash Over Drywall (article) How to Install a Ceramic Tile Backsplash (video) Ceramic Tile Backsplash Project (article) VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. Janine asks: I’m putting up a ceramic tile backsplash in my kitchen. Can I put the tile directly on the drywall or do I have to tear it out and use a cement board?

Can u paint over tile looking wallboard | Hometalk

I found a video for you that explains how to fill the holes and exactly what to use to paint tile wallboard. I hope this helps. Wishing you the best.

Plastering over tiles | The Original Plasterers Forum - The

I would have thought if you pva the tiles then skim then tile again you would be expecting the pva to hold the weight of the skim and the new tiles as surely the pva would be just a film over the top of the tiles wouldn't like to be in the shower/bath if the tiles failed.

How to Lay Timber Flooring Over Tiles - hipages.com.au

The flooring will also be very noisy if there is no underlay. Another method for laying timber flooring over your existing tiles is to use ply sheeting. The sheeting is laid over the tiles to create a good surface for the timber flooring to be laid on. The floorboards are then glued and nailed to the ply.

Remove Plaster or Drywall Over It???? - Forum - Bob Vila

I've drywalled over old plaster walls and ceilings in a 3 story 1600 sq. ft. twin. Screwed and glued 3/8 drywall(1/4 inch wasn't available locally)had a prof. taper do the the finishing because

How to Tile Over Sheetrock | DoItYourself.com

Sheetrock or drywall is no different for tiling over than wood plaster cement or other wall materials. If you are tiling an area that is not in a bathroom tiles can be applied directly to the sheetrock simply and easily.

Bathroom Wall Panels vs Tiles: Which is for You

Bathroom Wall Panels vs Tiles F.A.Q. Here are the answers to some of your frequent questions. Are shower wall panels cheaper than tile? It depends. Shower wall panels might be expensive to buy at first but considering their installation maintenance and life they can be regarded as cheaper than tiles. Can you fix shower panels over tiles?

hole repair - Can I lay tile over drywall that has torn paper

Given the cost of tile and the value (or cost) of labor I'd go with ripping it back to the studs and installing a proper tile backer-board (Durock® Hardi-Backer® or the like) rather than fuss with a dubious substrate. It will be faster than trying to repair the drywall surface and it's a better surface for attaching tile to.

Peel and stick tile over ceramic tile - The Silicon Underground

If you don’t fill in the grout lines in the ceramic tile first you will end up with irregularities in your peel and stick vinyl tile like the one near the center of this picture. The problem with peel and stick tile over ceramic tile is unevenness. The ceramic tiles have a bit of a curved edge and the grout lays lower than the tiles themselves.

Tiling over drywall - paper facing gone - Fine Homebuilding

I’m replacing the tile backsplash in my kitchen. There was drywall under the original tile and the outer paper surface of the drywall peeled off with the tile and mastic. So I have a brown paper surface on the drywall. Is this suitable for tiling over? I’m not concerned about it being a high moisture environment – it’s not.

Ceiling Drywall | Ceilings | Armstrong Residential

Before and After: Drywall Ceilings. A white drywall ceiling has no style or impact. It's flat plain and boring. If you're planning a complete room renovation think about your ceiling as the "fifth wall" in your room. A decorative ceiling can enhance your room design and coordinate with your colors and furniture.

How to Tile Over Painted Drywall | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Tile Over Painted Drywall. Tiles are ideal for showers bathtubs and backsplashes. If you want to update your kitchen or bathroom walls with tiles you don't have to remove existing painted

How to Add Tile Over Wood Paneling | DoItYourself.com

Wood paneling can be a great look — or it may be one you are ready to say goodbye too. Instead of going through the hassle of taking it down you can simply put tile over it by following these steps.

What Surfaces Can You Tile On - Wall & Floor Surfaces

Tiling over plasterboard involves adhering tiles to a paper surface and although this will present little problem in dry areas if the wallboard is subjected to moisture it may deteriorate causing failure.

Can You Tile Over Sheetrock? | Sophisticated EDGE

ANSWER: You can tile over Sheetrock®. More Info: Though it is perfectly acceptable and meets most county building codes to tile over Sheetrock® in both dry and wet applications its use as a tile backing should be reserved for dry areas. Neither tile nor Sheetrock® is 100% waterproof which means if Sheetrock® is used as a backing for tile in a wet area such as a tub surround or shower

How to Hang Drywall Over Existing Drywall on Ceilings | eHow

For a ceiling that is cracked and possibly stained a good method is to re-cover the entire ceiling with a new layer of drywall. By re-covering the entire surface of the ceiling it allows you to basically start over to achieve that nice smooth and even surface you want.

What Is Cement Backer Board and How Is It Used?

Cement backer board is commonly used to form a base for ceramic tile. Also called a cementitious backer unit or CBU. Because cement backer board is porous thinset grout and mortar adhere well to it. Backer boards can be nailed or screwed into studs or cinderblock brick mortar or concrete.

Prime Seven Trust Drywall Before Tile? - Fine Homebuilding

There are drywall type products designed for tile and wet areas. G-P has DensShield. I used it in a narrow bath that is part tile part painted.But as another poster said where there is water it is hard to imagine overkill. Be sure to caulk the joint between the tile and the countertop not grout.

Can You Tile Over Drywall? – Drywall Maine

How To Properly Tile Over Drywall. First off the drywall to which you will be tiling over must be clean dry and in excellent condition. If your plan includes removing old tile and replacing it with new you are likely going to have to do do some work to SevenTrust the gypsum board to excellent condition.

Screeds to go over tiles | The Flooring Forum - Number 1

I've gone over vinyl tiles with green bag and 300 and got away with it. Both times was because they didn't want to remove asbestos tiles. Need to make sure they are aware its not the best way. Ive also had 70 m2 latex crack over vinyl tiles. Didn't blow but cracked big time

What Kind of Drywall Is Used in a Bathroom? | eHow

Tile membranes are products that allow ceramic tiles to be installed over standard gypsum wallboard in wet areas. They are sheet products that are applied directly over the drywall and seams between the sheets are sealed with joint tape and mortar. Tile is then installed directly on top of the membrane.

Epoxy application - can epoxies be applied over tiles?

Sticking to tiles. When going over the top of a tiled floor the main concern is adhesion - with epoxy onto the tile and tile onto concrete. Some floor tiles have a glossy finish from the glazing process which can make them tricky to bond to. If the tiles are glazed the gloss will need to be removed by grinding to allow the epoxy to grab hold.

Drywall Ceilings | USG

The Only Wallboard Specifiable for Sustainability. Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels. All Walls. Floors & Tile. Ceiling Tiles & Panels; Drywall Ceilings

How to Install Ceramic Tile to Gypsum Wallboard | Home Guides

Gypsum wallboard or drywall is a material used in the construction of walls. After installation the wallboard material is finished with joint compound textured and painted. Ceramic tile is

What Type of Flooring Can You Put Over Ceramic Tiles?

Moreover most homeowners want to install flooring over ceramic tile for comfort opting for another layer of tile defeats the purpose. However if you are looking to replace the tile only for a visual change using ceramic tile can make sense. Types of Flooring That Can Go Over Tiles

Hanging drywall over cement wall /tile. - JLC-Online Forums

Re: Hanging drywall over cement wall /tile. I agree that steel studs are quick clean easy. I Gap 1/2" from wall. 1 5/8" studs OK for small room. Firring is slow lower quality not easy. I don't fir anything anymore. If I had to attach to concrete and tile I would glue and drill for enough pins to hold until the glue dried.

15 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Go Right Over Old Tile

Now they installed this over drywall with nails but it could be modified to use liquid nails over existing tiles. You could then use nails once you reached a height above your existing backsplash. The best thing about this project is that these walls just wipe clean thanks to the laminate finish.

Ceramic tile underlay over particleboard - what's wallboard

flooring it is recommended that the underlay be glued to the floor with wallboard adhesive in addition to nailing. The wall board adhesive should be applied evenly over the back of the underlay sheet with a 3mm notched trowel paying particular attention to the edges. Position and nail down the sheet. Two or three temporary nails placed

Should I Do Drywall Before Flooring? | eHow

Taping drywall seams adds substantially to the humidity in a room. If you're installing hardwood or manufactured hardwood read the manufacturer's installation instructions. Wood flooring because it's a natural product expands and contracts with temperature changes and moisture levels.

How to Repair Drywall After Removing Tile: Prepare for Tiling

The link ‘Next:Installing a Tile Back splash’ does not connect or link to another site to show how the new tile goes on after the old tile is removed. I now have a naked back splash wall that has some drywall face paper/glue spots and some bare drywall. Will the glue for the new tile adhere to the bare drywall??

Can I Drywall Over Ceiling Tiles | Review Home Decor

How to replace ceiling tiles with drywall tos diy how to replace ceiling tiles with drywall tos diy how to replace ceiling tiles with drywall tos diy how to replace ceiling tiles with drywall tos diy. Whats people lookup in this blog: Can I Install Drywall Over Ceiling Tiles; Can You Drywall Over Ceiling Tiles; Can You Put Drywall Over Ceiling

Tile to Wall Transitions - A Seamless Approach

SEAMLESS TILE TO DRYWALL TRANSITIONS: YALE TOWN EXAMPLE. This bathroom received new drywall 1/2" over both the left and right walls. Then some Z molding (shown a couple posts up) and waterproofing from Ardex. In these three following pictures you can see the large wall tile going in. The tile measures 18"x36" and is 3/8" thick.

Tile over painted drywall - by DustyDave | HomeRefurbers.com

Tile over painted drywall « back to Home Decorating & Design forum. Topic by DustyDave: posted 04-20-2008 03:01 AM: 83125 views: 2 times favorited: 16 replies

drywall - Is this plaster over gypsum wallboard? - Home

Before rock lath come along wood lath was installed on the walls as 4 ft. long by approx 1 1/2" strips. It was nailed up in sections that were 16" wide. This was done over the whole wall or ceiling so that each 16" X 4' section was staggered over the preceding section below. The picture below illustrates this even though it is a ceiling.

Alternatives to Drywall | Ceilings | Armstrong Residential

Drywall sheets average about 50 lbs. and hoisting them up to the ceiling requires two sets of sturdy arms or a drywall lift. After the drywall is attached to the ceiling beams there is still a lot of finishing work to do including covering screw heads taping sanding and painting.

The Secret to Laying floorboards over Tiles

Adding timber flooring over tiles will raise the height of the floor also reducing the floor to ceiling height. This means that internal doors will need to be adjusted for clearance from the floor. There is also the possibility that carpeted areas will be significantly lower than other flooring areas and the new floorboards.

Drywall over tile? | DIY Home Improvement Forum

Always drywall over tile when it is cement or brick or stone under the tile in many commercial jobs you will find that the tile has been installed over these materials if you chip it off you will be left with an uneven surface pocked with mortar and tile setter glue or paste or worse.

Can You Tile Over Drywall? Is It Safe? – Home Efficiency Guide

You can tile over drywall in areas that are not exposed to excessive moisture and it is safe. It is not safe to tile over drywall in areas that are exposed to wetness like in the shower. Water in these areas can eventually seep behind the tile and cause damage mold or pest infestations. In most cases you’ll be fine to tile over drywall.

Can I Tile Over Painted Drywall? - Reference.com

It is possible to tile over painted drywall as long as the drywall is sufficiently prepared beforehand. Preparing the drywall requires that the surface be roughed up with a sanding sponge prior to applying the mastic to adhere the tiles in place.

Prepping Drywall Before Installing a Tile Backsplash

The top objective is to create a smooth and uniform surface on the drywall for the tile to be evenly placed. Lumps and bumps lead to misaligned tiles. This surface will be the foundation which holds your beautiful backsplash together over the years and a crumbling foundation will shorten the lifespan.

Panel Over Existing Tiles - The Bathroom Marquee

Tiles are one the most common forms of wall covering but can look dated after a while and grout has a nasty habit of turning grubby with time and can even start to harbour mould. In this situation the options are: remove the existing tiles and re-tile; tile over the existing tiles; paint the existing tiles; remove the tiles and panel the walls

How to Prep a Wall for Tile - Lowe's

Remove the tile and prepare the wall according to the corresponding instructions above or tile over the existing tile. To do so make sure all of the tile is intact and secure. Repair any loose or cracked tile. If existing tile is beyond repair remove the tile and install a piece of wallboard in its place.

USG Sheetrock Brand 1/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Panels

Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 12 ft. Gypsum Board offers easy installation and almost immediate decoration. Panels are easy to score and snap. Their fire-resistant gypsum core provides additional fire resistance over regular panels.

SOUNDBREAK® XP® Drywall | Acoustic Purple Gypsum Board

The Soundbreak XP Drywall is an acoustic purple gypsum board for STC wall assemblies. Call Acoustical Surfaces to order this soundproofing drywall! Noise Control Help Line: 1-800-854-2948 M - F 8a.m. - 5p.m.

Drywall Over Ceramic Tile - JLC-Online Forums

Re: Drywall Over Ceramic Tile you could use the plastic inserts that expand with a screw along with glue . for placing the sheetrock over the tile. Just have to mark and locate on the sheet where the screws go I would pre-drill in the grout line insert the plastic plugs slap on the sheetrock.

Can you drywall over asbestos ceiling tiles?

Considering this can you drywall over ceiling tile? Of these two options drywall is far more simple and straightforward to install than plaster. Installing drywall over ceiling tiles rather than plaster saves you the burden of having to mix and spread the plaster. Moreover you can faux finish drywall for a bold fresh look.

Best Way to Tile over Sheetrock in Kitchen and Bathroom | The

Use a utility knife to remove a little 1/2″ square section of paint & paper from the face of the drywall. Peel back the paper and look at it carefully. If the paper is green it’s greenboard and you shouldn’t tile over it. If it’s just white or grey tile away to your heart’s content.