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In 2016 then-Presidential Candidate Donald Trump arose controversy by campaigning on a platform that included the completion of the border wall. Many argue that the existing border wall has helped protect Americans. On the other hand many also argue that the border contravenes the spirit of regional integration. Many say countries should open

Border election brings populism in from the fringe

Border election brings populism in from the fringe. Australian shares are set to slip at the open as NSW struggles to control a virus outbreak and after Wall Street ended its week on a down note.

Will Populism Win? Don't Bet On It | Cognoscenti

It’s the reason Trump’s border wall is under construction largely in his own mind only. Why the populist losing streak? Mainly Prothero says because populism depends for its fuel on

Government scientists predicted border wall construction

Construction of President Trump’s border wall moved forward last year even after government scientists said it could harm a nearby wildlife refuge according to an internal report obtained by

A Rush to Expand the Border Wall That Many Fear Is Here to

Despite the president-elect’s vow to halt the project the Trump administration is expanding the wall at a breakneck pace. Customs and Border Protection officials are rushing to meet President

Trump’s Border Wall Guarded By Armed Mexicans Smuggled Into U

Two whistle-blowers have accused contractors building President Trump’s border wall of smuggling armed Mexican security teams into the United States to guard construction sites even building an illegal dirt road to speed the operation according to court documents unsealed by a federal judge on Friday.

A quick history of Trump's evolving justifications for a

white house. A quick history of Trump's evolving justifications for a border wall. The president has been consistent in demanding a border wall. He hasn't been so consistent in explaining why.

Watch: DHS Touts 400 Miles of Completed Border Wall

President Trump set the goal about a year ago and to fulfill it contractors are building largely on land the federal government already owns including in areas where illegal border crossings have been relatively low in recent years. In some cases the new wall is replacing a shorter border fence installed in the late 2000s.

Trump Border Wall: A Mixed Verdict and Unclear Future under

The verdict on the U.S.–Mexico border wall President Trump promised to construct is decidedly mixed as the year comes to a close. While it reached 400 miles in length by the end of October

The Border Wall System is Deployed Effective and Disrupting

Deploying the wall system in high priority areas—particularly urban areas where illegal border crossers can quickly vanish into the surrounding community—allows the USBP to decide where border crossings take place not smugglers and the USBP can deploy personnel and technology in complement to the border barrier.

Europe’s Populists Are Here to Stay - WSJ

When eight in 10 Trump voters support building a wall on the southern border or three in four Brexit voters worried about how immigration is changing Britain voted to “take back control

Border populist victory bought with federal treasure

Border populist victory bought with federal treasure. the Berlin Wall. Still Ms Palaszczuk’s border populism has been electorally vindicated by disrupting the populist disrupters: the

What actually is populism? And why does it have a bad reputation?

The most famous contemporary example of a populist leader is the president of the United States Donald Trump and the renewed interest in populism is partly due to his 2016 electoral success.

National Populism is here to stay - UnHerd

Trump’s much-hyped border wall was compared by liberals and leftists to the Berlin Wall. The separation of unauthorised immigrant families in detention (a practice that began under Obama) was Hitlerian and the U.S. Border Patrol was the new Gestapo.

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Border Wall Starts With 14 Mile Wall In San Diego; “Anti-Climbing” Mechanism (Via Zerohedge) Construction has just started on a 14-mile section of President Trump’s new border wall along the Mexico–United States border and will include “anti-climbing plates”

Lifestyles of the Rich and Populist - WSJ

By 2019 Mr. Bannon’s campaign to build a privately funded wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was one of his key domestic initiatives. Unlike the other projects this one seemed successful.

Records Show Trump’s Border Wall Is Costing Taxpayers

A border wall construction site near Donna Texas on Dec. 8 2019. (Veronica G. Cardenas/Reuters) Records Show Trump’s Border Wall Is Costing Taxpayers Billions More Than Initial Contracts

Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains toppled cactus

Work on the border wall has caused environmental damage preventing animals from moving freely and scarring unique mountain and desert landscapes that conservationists fear could be irreversible.

Trump's Border Wall Nearly 90 Percent Complete as CBP Races

President Donald Trump pledged to build 450 miles of new wall along the country's southern border by the end of the year. Mon Dec 21 2020. LOGIN Nationalism and Populism Are the GOP's Future

The U.S. border wall is tearing through wilderness right

Creating cement for the border wall’s base creates dust and uses up an enormous amount of water from impoverished desert aquifers up to 710000 gallons of water per mile of wall by some measures.

Border Patrol agents back Trump wall survey finds

In a new survey conducted by the National Border Patrol Council the agents' union they overwhelmingly backed adding a "wall system" in new strategic locations saying it will boost their ability

Border wall contractors face growing boycotts from Dem-led

As President Trump pushes forward with his promised U.S.-Mexico border wall companies competing for the chance to work on the multi-billion-dollar project are facing mounting boycotts from local

Pope Francis Compares Trump to Murderous King Herod | Newsmax.com

Pope Francis has been a frequent critic of President Trump's border wall despite the fact his Vatican City is surrounded by walls in Rome Italy. "I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders" the Pope said per the report. "Populism is gaining strength.

After a Rocky 2018 Populism Is Down but Far From Out in the

LONDON — President Trump’s push for a border wall hints at a problem that populist leaders are facing across the Western world. After a year of setbacks populist leaders and parties are

Wall Funding Scandal Exposes Steve Bannon’s False Populism

Steve Bannon. Wall Funding Scandal Exposes Steve Bannon's False Populism Bannon who says he stands for the little guy was just charged with stealing over $1 million from donors who thought they

With Emergency Declaration Trump Sticks by His Populist

US President Donald Trump signs an executive order to start the Mexico border wall project at the Department of Homeland Security facility in Washington DC on January 25 2017.

Fate of private border wall unclear - The Monitor

As two civil lawsuits against a group of private border wall builders continue to drag on in federal court questions have arisen over who will ultimately control the land and the 3-mile long

What exactly is Trump's border wall and why does he want $5

What exactly is Trump's border wall and why does he want $5.7bn for it? The president backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency over the wall but his preoccupation with it persists.

Jobs Created by Building Trump's Big Beautiful Border Wall

Litigation over the impact of the border wall on the environment is not just virtually guaranteed but in fact happening. There’s already a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol by The Center for Biological Diversity but the environmental property and immigration lawsuits are going to start flying.

Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains toppled cactus

Border Wall Environmental Damage A pathway cleared by explosives to make way for border wall construction separates Mexico right and the USA Wednesday Dec. 9 2020 in Guadalupe Canyon Ariz. Construction of the border wall mostly in government owned wildlife refuges and Indigenous territory has led to environmental damage and the scarring of unique desert and mountain landscapes that

Greece to Build Border Wall in Fight Against Illegal Immigration

“We must expect another migratory wave and mass attack on the Hungarian border fence [and] the Hungarian border must be protected” the populist leader said. Budapest has seen huge results from its decision to secure the country’s borders physically after German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited millions of migrants to live in Europe in 2015.

The Border Wall as a Populist Challenge: Critical Review: Vol

The wall’s populist message is meant to expose a contradiction: liberal democrats do not know how to reconcile borders with their official commitment to universal inclusion. Right populism and left populism too exploit this contradiction.

Trump border wall gets south-of-the-border help

The wall was supposed to block people from Mexico and other countries from crossing the border illegally and keep them from taking U.S. jobs. The border barrier may be doing that to some degree.