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how to cover wood panel walls

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Wood paneling was once a popular wall covering for homes. Today it can look out-of-date especially if it's really made from plywood. As long as your panels are in decent condition you can save yourself the effort of tearing them down. Paint them instead or paper over them with a sturdy wall liner.

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They used prepared planks to install a wood plank wall in their shop. Rebecca and Shannon love how easy that made the project. Here they show step by step how they created the planked wall. Be sure to check out the photos of how the wood plank wall adds to the simple yet chic and vibrant look of their shop.

How to Paint Over Wood Paneling in 7 Easy Steps!

To check if your paneling is indeed made of wood sand a small area on the wall. You will notice that vinyl coatings come off quickly and underneath would directly by the pressboard. If your walls are made of vinyl or thin veneer finish you will need to take extra care when covering them.

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Tools & Supplies:- Rolls of uncut liner paper (comes both pre-pasted and non-pasted; our segment featured non-pasted paper)- trisodium phosphate for cleaning

5 Renter-Friendly Temporary Wall Covering Solutions

If a small piece of wood is placed between the rod and wall it would remove any chance of even a mark being left. From there (like previously suggested) a curtain could be added or even a some heavy or stiff fabric for a feature wall (look up diy fabric stiffener recipes – cheaper).

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Masking Tape https://amzn.to/2VaztE7Mud knife set https://amzn.to/2z8OEFn12” mud knife https://amzn.to/3esaqE4¾ Paint roller cover https://amzn.to/2z6EsNt9”

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Remove the wood paneling by starting in one corner and pulling off the corner molding used to cover the seam. This is normally tacked on with brads into the paneling. Take out the baseboard trim. Use a small pry bar or long handle screwdriver to slip inside the paneling seam and gently begin popping the nails free that hold the paneling in place.

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First clean the walls and let dry. Then either fill in the ridges or use a heavy wallpaper liner. 5. Cover It Up. If you can’t change the wall then cover it. Hang floor to ceiling curtains across the paneled wall. These fabric panels can actually give the illusion that you have a huge window. The fabric can also make an elegant decorating

Easy DIY Plywood Panel Wall on a Budget

The sheets of plywood are 4 x 8 so you can simply calculate how many of them you will need to cover your area. My wall was 14 ft. ¾ in. wide so I purchased four panels. Three were cut into 2-ft. panels and one was cut to 2 ft. ¾ in. wide. Two inches was taken off the end of each panel to fit my wall height of 7 ft. 10 in.

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To prevent the drywall from showing through the seams in the paneling: Mark the paneling seam with a pencil. Move the sheet of paneling out of the way. Spray black spray paint on the seam along the pencil line. Install the paneling on the wall.

4 Popular Wood Paneling Cover-Up Ideas (Secret Tips)

3. Wood Paneling to Wainscoting. This idea involves painting the lower 1/3rd of your wood panel wall white. Then you wallpaper the top 2/3rds of your wall. In between your paint and wallpaper you add a chair rail to separate them.

Wall Covering for Decorating Wood Wall Paneling

Removing vs. Covering Wood Wall Paneling. The problem with removing it is not knowing what’s underneath. If you’re lucky the underlying walls may just need some minor repairs. However the paneling may cover up seriously damaged walls or an unfavorable material such as cracked plaster or unfinished drywall causing an even greater problem.

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