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pre-drilled panel for climbing walls

Megalith Rock Climbing - Megalith Climbing

I purchased and installed a 16 foot climbing wall in my house with these megalith panels. This is the second climbing wall I have put in my house. Using the megalith panels easily saved me 12 hours (not kidding) of labor. They were so quick and easy to install! I love them my kids love them friends love them. They are awesome.

The Benefits of an Adjustable Home Wall - Climbing Magazine

The payoff in terms of ease of installation and long-term versatility more than offsets the cost differential between that unruly stack of lumber bolts and screws you have to somehow turn into a climbing surface versus a modular frame and pre-drilled panels with T-nuts and LED holes in situ that you need only minimal tools to assemble.

Climbing Wall Panel 4x8

These Baltic Birch panels are the perfect medium for bringing your home climbing wall to life. 4ft by 8ft 3/4" thick. Pre-drilled for T-Nuts.

Ledgewall Climbing Panels - Motion Fitness

Ledgewall ™ Plus panels are designed with a narrow frame that allows them to be attached directly to a concrete or CMU walls. These panels can be pre cut to any dimension to best fit your project. They are pre-drilled for easy mounting using standard concrete fasteners. Installation is fast - a 30-foot long wall can be installed in one afternoon.

EasyWall™ Panel - Nicros Nicros

If the panel is oriented 90 degrees it becomes a 5.10 featured or 5.11 featured panel. If placing a series of panels for use on a full-height climbing wall “naturals” routes of various difficulties can be created – before handholds are even added to the wall! Handholds. Each panel comes with five handholds to get you started.

Convertible Climbing System for Motor Planning | Southpaw

Southpaw’s sliding rails are pre-slotted allowing easy anchoring to your existing walls. Each wood panel has pre-drilled and countersunk holes for easy mounting to the sliding-rail system without dangerous protruding bolt heads. There are three different versions of the Convertible Climbing System corresponding to the type of wall you are using.

UKC Forums - Pre-drilled plywood for building climbing walls

Pre-drilled plywood for building climbing walls. DR climbing walls - 0113 284 2369 hey presto six panels drilled 4 the same effort as one!