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why do the democrates hate the boarder wall idea

10 Things They Won't Tell You About the Border Wall

The unfocused message-less Democrats helped create a vacuum where Trump’s lies could flourish instead of simply saying over and over again: “Here is why the wall is a stupid idea.” Here is

Can Democrats Explain Why The Border Wall Is ‘Immoral

I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea — unless this has something to do with something else” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently explained. Many other Democrats — almost all of them in fact — claim to have in addition to other reasons some moral qualm about a border wall.

Border Wall: No Democrats Don't Really Hate It — They Just

Border Wall: Congressional Democrats have made clear by their no-negotiating stance with President Trump over border security that they don't want a wall or a fence built period.It has nothing to

Forget the wall — Democrats now hate the border itself

Forget the wall — Democrats now hate the border itself By Rich Lowry. View author archive; It’s true that the core idea — a physical barrier to impede the movement of people — isn’t

Why Democrats Are Wrong About Trump’s Border Wall

My idea. A solar wall isn’t his idea of course. In fact both Las Vegas contractors and Ivy League academics have proposed it before indicating broader appeal. But Trump knows when he smells paydirt. A greenwashed wall reeks of centrist “common sense:” most politicians think border militarization is fine—so long as it’s deficit-neutral.

Democrats and the border: What they don’t want you to know

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California said last week that she and other Democrats consider a border wall “immoral.” But some of the same Democrats who decry President Donald J

Can Democrats Explain Why The Border Wall Is 'Immoral?'

“A wall in my view is an immorality. It’s the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea

A Border Wall Is a Bad Idea but So Is the “Border Security

Donald Trump. A Border Wall Is a Bad Idea but So Is the "Border Security" Democrats Say They Want Until we fundamentally reframe the immigration debate in terms of human freedom rather than fear


(By Saint John Hunt) Many key democrats voted for a 700 mile wall (fence) along the Mexican border in 2006. Main stream media is not reporting the complete story by key democrats since they went on record as supporting the Secure Fence Act in 2006. Now these same democrats have vowed to fight Trump’s promise to fund the wall. Am I surprised? No.

White House on why Democrats hate the wall: 'They don't want

White House on why Democrats hate the wall: 'They don't want the president to have a win' but now are threatening to shut down the government over funding for Trump's border wall. "Many

Feehery: Why Democrats oppose the wall | TheHill

The real reason that congressional Democrats oppose the president’s number one campaign promise is the same reason that they insisted that George H.W. Bush sign a tax increase back in 1990.

Why do so many liberals hate the idea of stronger border

While America was founded by immigration that doesn't mean that illegal immigration should be tolerated. While I hate Trump I do agree with him about illegal immigration being a problem and that problem needs to be solved. Do most liberals realize that the reason why 9/11 and other terrorist attacks happened is because of weak border security? If border security was stronger then 9/11 and

4 reasons Mexico hates President Donald Trump's border wall

Here are four reasons why Mexicans hate Trump’s border wall. 1. A fence is not the same as a wall. Mexico and the United States share a border that is nearly 2000 miles long. Until recently a

Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats Hate A Border Wall Because

Democrats will not consent to a border wall. For them a successful wall is considered bad politics in almost every manner imaginable.

Democratic Views On A Border Wall | Republican Views

The 2006 Border Wall Proposal. One of the reasons that Democratic views on a border wall are so controversial is that in 2006 many Democrats supported a bill for 700 miles of border wall funding. Of the 64 Democrats that voted in favor of the measure some were vehemently outspoken against Trump’s wall proposal.

Why Do Liberals Hate America? - Townhall

Democrats Have to Choose Between Ending the Pandemic and Open Borders The idea of American exceptionalism has been embedded in our collective DNA for generations.

16 Reasons Why Opening Our Borders Makes More Sense Than

Putting up the border wall in high-traffic areas has simply pushed crossings into the desert where more people die. 12 Because border spending is out of control. Texas Parks and Wildlife Wardens patrol the Rio Grand on the U.S.-Mexico border.

New Gallup Polls Shows Democrats Genuinely Hate America

No Matter What Democrats Will NEVER Be Happy. That’s a massive disparity. You may think that this has something to do with Trump and you’re right because it definitely does—but he’s not the only factor. This same question was asked in 2016 when Obama was still president and the results speak for themselves.

Four reasons why border residents want a border wall

Border residents in New Mexico say it's time to build President Trump's border wall and told the Washington Examiner in a series of interviews last month that Democrats who oppose a border wall

10 things Democrats will take away from us if they win

Secure borders. Democrats simply don’t believe in borders. Much like the leaders of some European countries Democrats believe that the more immigrants a country takes in the better off that