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1-1 2 deep ribbed matal wall panels

Flexospan - Metal Wall Siding Panels - Corrugated & Ribbed

1/2" Corrugated-Metal Siding Wall Panel [CAD STANDARD DETAILS] The Flexospan 1/2" corrugated siding panel is our most economical. It's useful for standard applications which require both durability and economy. We manufacture our wall products from our stocked 44" coil width and a 36" width. Exterior or interior liner panel.

EM15-168 Wall Panel - Metal Sales

EM15-168 Wall Panel. Liner Wall . Panel Coverage: 16" Rib Height: 1-1/2" Rib Features: Box Ribs Standard Gauge: 24 ga. Optional Gauges: 22 ga. 20 ga. Empire Series™ Concealed Fastened Wall Panels offer a unique combination of bold clean lines with the benefit of easy installation.


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Economical and versatile Cor-Pan’s undulating metal wall panel design compliments a variety of architectural styles. Cor-Pan features longitudinal ribs that are spaced 2.67 inches on center and is available in two depths: Cor-Pan 1.0 ribs are ⅞-inch deep; Cor-Pan 0.5 ribs are ½-inch deep.

Box Rib Wall And Siding Panel. AEP Span Box Rib. - Metal Deck

AEP Span Box Rib is a through-fastened metal panel with 36" net coverage and is predominantly used for commercial architectural and industrial wall applications. Features & Benefits Wider coverage means fewer panels to handle and install saving time and money.

Flexospan - Corrugated Metal Panels 1/2" - Roofing & Siding

With 1/2"-deep corrugations our 44" coil yields an overall panel width of 41.25" roofing coverage of 37.334" and wall coverage of 40 inches. Our 36" coil yields an overall panel width of 34" roofing coverage of 29.334" and wall coverage of 32 inches.


Live Load (based on frame spacing) Panel 2 ft 2.5 ft 3 ft 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft 7 ft 7.5 ft 8 ft 9 ft 10 ft Dura Panel 98.3 50.3 29.1 12.3 6.3 3.6 2.3 1.9 1.5 1.1 0.8

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Flush Wall Metal Soffit R Panel 7/8" Corrugated Western Rib® (7.2 Panel) and WAV (Wave) Panels Available in Painted and Galvalume®. 7/8" Corrugated 7/8" corrugated metal roofing has deep wavy corrugations that look stunning on your metal roof.

Striated Wall Panels - Longitudinal Striated Metal Panels

Striated Wall Panel. The Metl-Span CF Striated insulated metal panel is an attractive alternative to typical flat wall panels. The exterior face is lightly profiled with narrow longitudinal striations which create a subtle shadow effect but exhibit a virtually flat appearance from a short distance away.

4.2 Inch Corrugated Metal Panels - CBS Sheetmetal

These panels feature corrugations 1 1/16 inches tall and 4.2 inches apart (From crest to crest). These dimensions make it a sturdy and attractive option for projects of all sizes. 4.2 Inch Corrugated Applications. 4.2 Inch corrugated sheet metal panels have become a popular look for roofing siding and decorative applications.

Mega Rib Panel - Mega Rib Exposed Fastener Metal Panel

Mega-Rib Panel Mega-Rib is a 7.2 exposed fastener panel that provides optimum strength and spanning capabilities. Mega-Rib is a metal roof and wall panel that is equally well suited for industrial and commercial applications. Installed horizontally Mega-Rib's bold ribs provide a hard to beat architectural statement. View Related Files

1/2'' Corrugated Metal Roofing Siding & Wall Panel

Bold curves and unyielding strength — that's what you'll experience with Bridger Steel's 1/2" Corrugated Panel. This panel can be used on roofing exterior wall and interior projects. Available in a variety of colors rustic prints and specialty finishes our 1/2" Corrugated Panel gives you true versatility for your next project.

Deep Rib II | Exposed Fasteners | Fabral Architectural Panel

The Fabral Deep Rib II panel design with a flat top rib for bold design applications can be used in vertical or horizontal applications with mitered corners available. View panel specs for Fabral Architectural metal roofing and wall systems.

HR-36 Metal Roof And Wall Panel. 1.5" Deep HR-36.

HR-36® Roof & Wall is a through-fastened metal panel with 36" net coverage. HR-36® Roof & Wall is predominantly used in industrial and commercial applications. As a wall application HR-36 can be used both vertically or horizontally to create design interest. Features & Benefits . 36" coverage HR-36 roof and wall panel.

Imperial Rib® Metal Panels - Ribbed Metal Roofing & Steel

As ABC’s most popular panel Imperial Rib® adds value to your customers’ building projects while maintaining durability for years to come. It’s made from the highest quality metal in the industry giving your customers peace of mind that their buildings will be protected.

Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated Metal Sheet Sizes 1-1/4" x 1/4" Corrugated Panel. The 1-1/4" corrugated panels primarily come in a galvanized finish and in lighter gauges. (26-28-29 gauge). This panel has the slightest of the profiles and is used in both decorative & and industrial applications. We can only make this panel profile in almost any material.

Concealed Fastener Wall Panels - McElroy Metal

FW Panel is a 1 1/2" deep flush metal panel designed for use in vertical and horizontal applications. FW panels also have an option to create custom reveals from 1 to 3 inches. Learn More

Panels - Robertson

Panels. Robertson offers a wide range of metal panels including single-skin and insulated metal panels. Metal panels are virtually 100% recyclable – no steel or material waste occurs before or after manufacturing or during construction.

Deep Rib - Metal Sales

Deep Rib Series. Deep Rib panels offer designers dramatic trapezoidal ribs for creating unique textures shapes and shadow lines. Panels in this series can be used for roofing or installed either vertically or horizontally for walls.

RMP Exposed Fastener Wall Panels | Rollfab Metal Products

PS-10 Batten Seam Panel; SS-15 Standing Seam Panel; Wall & Soffit Panels. FP-10 Flush Wall Panel; FW-10 Flush Wall Panel; FP-375 Panel; Concealed Fastener Panels. Rigidized Panel; Design Corr Panel; Exposed Fastener Panels. 7/8″ Classic Corrugated Panel; Classic PBR Panel; Deep Rib Panel 3-6-26; Rib Panel 1.5-6-36; 7236 Panel; Accessories

T10-A • Wall - Metal Sales

T10-A • Wall. Wall . Panel Coverage: 28" Rib Height: 1-1/2" Rib Features: 90° vertical box ribs on 4" centers. Standard Gauge: 24 ga. Optional Gauges: 22 ga. 18 ga. 20 ga. T10-A Panels are about performance on a large scale and design versatility. As walls they can be installed vertically or horizontally.

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METAL WALL/ROOF SHEETSBOX PROFILECLADDINGMETAL SHEETS. 0.7mm GAUGE POLYESTER. 12/24x Cladding Metal Roof Sheets Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Shed Panel Black

Steel Supply Boise | Treasure Valley Metal Roofing & Siding

Browse our collection of steel panels for sale. We supply steel in Boise. Our product comes in several sizes. Come check it out today. We serve Treasure Valley and Oregon.

Belvedere 7.2 Inch Rib | Metal Wall Panel | ATAS

It is a structural wall panel that offers design freedom for all types of buildings. This panel can be installed vertically or horizontally with exposed fasteners. You can also enhance aesthetics of Belvedere™ 7.2″ Rib by using factory fabricated Elite Series including the Z Box and Closure Angle shown.

Deep Rib IV Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

Deep Rib IV Metal Panel Description: A bold rib design perfect for horizontal and vertical applications. Large 4″ deep ribs provide excellent strength and spanning capacity. Can be used inverted for roofing applications. Product Brochure – Full Guide

Exposed Fastener Panels - Architecturally Attractive Metal

These panels offer a cost-efficient yet architecturally attractive metal panel solution. Available in several coverage widths exposed fastener panel profiles are available in a full range of gauges and materials including the 7.2 Rib the 7/8″ corrugated panel the 1/2″ Corrugated Panel and additional coverage widths.

ShadowRib™ - 3" Deep Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panel | MBCI

Both are positive fastened methods that create a secure interlock between panel and structure. The fluted face creates distinctive shadow lines. This panel is comparable to Steelox's SLX wall panel. Features. Width - 16" Inside; Panel Attachments - Inside Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System; Outside Panel Attachment: ShadowRib™ Panel