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atlantis ultra wall panels

Wall Drainage - Atlantis Corporation

Atlantis Flo-Wall® Ideal for rapid removal of water at the basement level! HIGH STRENGTH HIGH FLOW RAPID DRAINAGE The Atlantis Vertical Drainage system is perfect for controlling water seepage ideal for underground car parks basements retaining walls seepage cutoff trenches providing hydro-static pressure relief. Our Flo-Wall product is a durable wall drain which solves

Atlantis Wet Wall Shower Panels

Atlantis is a fully waterproof shower wall surface and core produced from high pressure laminates and a proven waterproof core. The uniform structure of the core the smooth surface and the new gluing system make Atlantis the ultimate panelling system for showers bathrooms and wet room applications.

Ultra Insulated Panel Systems Inc

Ultra Panel Roof (UPR-250) is a pre insulated roof panel system designed for optimun structural stability abd easy drainage under severe rainfall conditions. It is composed of an exterior metal skin cladding using Snap-on-side overlap fastening system and interior liner cladding of either metal skin or Aluminum kraft vapor barrier with Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation in between and ...

Atlantis Wall Panels

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Sheetrock® Brand Ultracode® Core Gypsum Panels

Sheetrock® Brand Ultracode® Core Panels (UL Type ULTRACODE) are 3/4 in. (19.1 mm) Type X panels that can provide 1-4 hr. fire ratings with fewer layers of gypsum panels than are typically required when used in approved applications.