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open cell sheet pile wall failures

AS 500 Cell geometries - ArcelorMittal - Steel Sheet Piles

The geometry of the structure is quite complex to determine. Below is an extract of the catalogue of basic geometries for the standard angle of 35° for AS 500 junction piles used for circular cells. Please refer to our brochure “AS 500 ® Straight web steel sheet pile – design & execution manual” for further details.


OPEN CELL bulkheads are an innovative technology used primarily in docks and marine structures. These unique bulkheads simplify construction processes reduce construction schedules and eliminate labor intensive tie backs. OPEN CELL structures are flexible steel sheet pile membranes supported by soil contact with embedded sheet pile tail anchor


It is a cellular flat sheet pile structure in which each cell’s sheet piles are driven into the shape of a U when viewed from above. The system functions as a horizontally tied membrane relying solely on the vertical flat sheet pile anchor wall to restrain a curved flat sheet pile arch face.

Design & Installation Guideline for Cellular Confinement

wall height the above factors of safety will be achieved in most designs. 2.2 INTERNAL STABILITY Internal stability is the ability of the individual parts of the wall to act as a single unit. To avoid failure the individual pieces of the wall cannot pullout separate or slide apart. In a modular block

Modelling the failure of a cantilever sheet pile wall

Earth pressures developed on either side of the sheet pile wall ensure its moment and force equilibrium. One of the mechanisms governing the failure of cantilever sheet pile wall can be described as structural failure of the sheet pile elements because of high stresses and/or loss of serviceability due to large deformation.


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Choosing Sheet Pile Repair Methods - Pile Buck Magazine

History of Sheet Piles. Steel sheet piling also known as Larssen sheet piling was originally developed in 1912 for use in the construction of piers oil terminals waste storage facilities bridges houses buildings dry docks and other construction sites. This sheet piling remains popular today as a marine retaining wall.

Types of sheet piles and Uses classification sheet piles walls

Types of sheet piles and Uses classification sheet piles walls. Sheet piles walls are also called bank heads. There are two types of cantilever sheet pile and Anchored sheet pile. They are coming to some forces acting on sheet pile walls. What is Sheet piles. Sheet piles are generally thin piles. They make plates of concrete timber and steel.

PND Offers Open Cell Sheet Pile System - The Waterways Journal

PND designed an Open Cell system with 48-foot wide cells creating a 12-foot high wall. The technology use resulted in a more than 60 percent savings in the project cost PND reported. Gunderson said the technology is proven and the industry is already familiar with sheet piling just not this adaptation for it.


OPEN CELL™ technology is used for docks heavy-load marine terminals bridge abutments and cofferdams. It is a cellular flat sheet pile structure in which each cell’s sheet piles are driven into the shape of a U when viewed from above.


4.2 OPEN CELL SHEET PILE SYSTEM (OCSPS) The proposed approach for confinement of dredged material using the OCSPS is similar to the near-shore CDF described above. The OCSPS face sheets and tail walls would be installed along the outer edge of the in-water boundary. The face sheets provide a vertical wall which can

Open Cell Sheet Pile Technology Applications

The OPEN CELL SHEET PILE system delivers proven performance for both ideal and extreme conditions such as: High Loads High vertical capacity for localized loads such as cranes or uniform loads from freight can be easily supported. Uniform loads of 5000 pounds per square foot and concentrated loads of 6000 tons have been accommodated.

Cell Structure Sealing Effectiveness and Open vs. Closed

The cell voids in an open cell material can vary significantly. Open cell foams can be reticulated meaning there are more open voids than wall structures giving the appearance of cell striations. Even under compression the reticulated structure will not “close off” unless compressed to a solid mass.

Alternative Applications for the OPEN CELL™ System | PND

Since the 1980s when PND Engineers Inc. (PND) first developed its OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ (OCSP) technology the company has worked on developing new ways to apply the system to find the best solution to address our clients' needs. PND has developed methods for designing OCSP levees and man-made reefs.

Chapter (9) Sheet Pile Walls

Foundation Engineering Sheet Pile Walls Notes: 1. Sheet piles may be made from steel concrete or wood. 2. As seen in the above pictures sheet piles must penetrates a specified distance in earth (from both sides) to be stable against applied lateral loads this depth called depth of penetration and the following figure explain the

Design Construction and Performance of Open Cell Sheet Pile

The open cell abutment structure is a cellular flat sheet pile structure driven in a partial circular shape when viewed from above. Open cell structures can easily resist very heavy loads such as extremely heavy drill rig vehicles and module loads ice attack from arctic river breakup events and high seismic accelerations.

After Failed Port Expansion Anchorage Settles With

The Open Cell Sheet Pile is a proprietary design of Anchorage engineering firm PND Engineers which also is a defendant in the municipality’s suit filed in early 2013.

Technical Supplement 14R--Design and Use of Sheet Pile Walls

Types of sheet pile walls Sheet pile walls may be cantilever or anchored walls. Figure TS14R–6 illustrates both a cantilever sheet pile wall and an anchored sheet pile wall. Cantilever walls derive support from adequate embedment below the stream channel. Steel cantilever walls are limited to wall heights of 15 to 20 feet while vinyl cantilever

OPEN CELL - Forward

The OPEN CELL bulkhead used primarily on docks and similar structures is a cellular flat sheet pile structure in which each cell’s sheet piles are driven in the shape of a U when viewed from above. The system functions as a horizontally tied membrane relying solely on the vertical flat

Open Cell Sheet Pile Technology

open cell sheet pile technology references OPEN CELL™ BULKHEAD CONSTRUCTION CAN WITHSTAND DEMOLITION EFFORTS IF SECURITY IS BREACHED The security OPEN CELL bulkhead is a series of curved cells with massive fill behind them that leave little opportunity for terrorist attack or other types of damage.

Steel Sheet Piling Design Manual - mcipin.com

such as the lower embedded portion of a sheet pile wall lateral pressure will increase as the shearing resistance of the soil is mobilized. When the full strength of the soil is mobilized the passive state of stress exists. Passive stress tends to resist wall movements and failure.


What are OPEN CELL bulkheads? OPEN CELL bulkheads are flexible steel sheet pile membranes supported by soil contact with embedded sheet pile tail anchor walls. This concept creates an integral reinforced soil system. The result is a structure that can withstand large settlement and support a variety of loads. In effect viewed from above the

Three-dimensional response of double anchored sheet pile

In this study a three-dimensional (3D) response of anchored sheet pile walls was investigated on double-anchored sheet pile system during soils excavation and tunnel construction sequence. This construction procedure is executed in areas front and adjacent the sheet pile walls. This paper focused on both areas of construction effects on the sheet piles. This numerical study aimed at the


The OPEN CELL system utilizes a flat-web sheet pile and welded or extruded connectors. The simplicity of the design and durability of the materials allow PND to adapt the OPEN CELL system to many uses and conditions. On average the OPEN CELL wall is a lower-cost option to typical wall types including z-sheet pile walls and combi-walls.

Cellular Cofferdams Vital to Marine Construction - Pile Buck

When adjoining a cofferdam to a steep sloping shoreline the first cell is typically located at a point where its top intersects with the sloping bank. To increase the seepage path and reduce the velocity of water a single wall of steel sheet piling can be connected to the cell this extending towards land to form a cut-off wall. The wall

Pile Guide Part 2 – Sheet Piles by Pile Buck

Sheet piles are by definition structural units which when connected one to another will form a continuous wall generally for retaining earth or excluding water. Interlocking devices formed as part of the manufactured product provide the wall continuity. Sheet piling has been made of steel concrete wood aluminum and other materials.

Sheet Pile Walls and their Uses - Structville

Uses of sheet pile walls (1) River control structures and flood defense Steel sheet piling has traditionally been used for the support and protection of river banks lock and sluice construction and flood protection. Ease of use length of life and the ability to be driven through water make piles the obvious choice.

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9 Minimum Depth of Sheet Pile Wall to Prevent Failure Under Critical Conditions 15 10 Types of Anchoring Systems 16 11 Location of Anchorage for Full Passive Resi stance .1.116 12 Proposed Seawall Location and Design Profile Assumptions 18 13 Design Assumptions 19 INTRODUCTION Seawall design on the open coast is an often overlooked problem in

Open Cell Wharf Structures—Applications from Coast to Coast

The "Open Cell" is a cellular sheetpile structure with unconnected sheet pile tail walls that act as soil anchors. This system functions as a horizontally tied membrane relying solely on soil-friction against flat sheet pile anchor walls to restrain an arched sheet pile face.

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Steel sheet pile is classified in two construction applications permanent and temporary. A permanent application is "stay-in-place" where the sheet piling wall is driven and remains in the ground. A temporary application provides access and safety for construction in a confined area. Once the work is completed the sheet piling is removed.

Isolation of DDC Impact to Sheet Pile Walls by Open Trenches

This paper investigates the effectiveness of open trenches in reducing the deflections of sheet pile walls during deep dynamic compaction (DDC). This investigation included a series of comprehensive parametric studies using a two-dimensional (2D) finite-element (FE) method.

OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ Technology | PND Engineers

In 1980 PND began development of its OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ (OCSP) structure with construction of two temporary bridge abutments on the North Slope of Alaska. The OCSP bulkhead is used primarily on docks and similar structures and provides low costs combined with high performance.

Local Ice Crushing Resistance of OPEN CELL SHEET PILE® Wall

Crushing; PLAXIS 3D; Sheet Pile Retaining Wall. INTRODUCTION An OPEN CELL SHEET PILE wall is under investigation to resist localized ice loading in arctic regions. The OPEN CELL SHEET PILE wall which utilizes hoop tension in the steel to retain the soil behind is similar to a circular flat sheet pile cell. Since the flat sheet piles do not


North American OPEN CELL SHEET PILE® Projects OPEN CELL® Levee Technology The OPEN CELL SHEET PILE system is a patented earth-retaining technology by PND Engineers Inc. that has been used in over 170 projects across the U.S. and worldwide. The simplicity and efficiency of the design

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6 The sheet pile wall technique - the ideal choice 8 Sheet pile walls and landscaping - for creative natural settings 10 Sheet pile walls in practice - Deptford Creek UK & Manalapan FL USA Contents Sheet pile walls can be used in a variety of ways for flood defence systems or for bank protection.

SHEET-PILE WALLS AT FAILURE. | Proceedings of the Institution

SHEET-PILE WALLS AT FAILURE. Open PDF. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. E-ISSN 1753-7789. Volume 5 Issue 3 MAY 1956 pp. 276-315.

OPEN CELL™ Uses for Industrial and Commercial Terminals | PND

The OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ (OCSP) structure provides an economical alternative to other dock types that can meet these challenges. The OCSP structures use 99 percent recycled steel. Used commonly on docks and similar structures the OCSP bulkhead is a cellular flat sheet pile structure in which each cell’s sheet piles are driven in the shape

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Hot rolled steel sheet pile sections have been used to build quay walls for almost a century. One of the first documented examples was located in the port of Rotterdam (Dokhaven 1927) whose designers opted for the innovative approach of a steel sheet piling quay wall to reduce the high cost that the more traditional solutions of concrete caissons implied.

Earth retaining system such as a sheet pile wall with

A third adjacent open cell structure 306 shares a tail wall 220 with the second open cell 304. The sheet pile tail walls 220 connects to a curved sheet pile cell face 210. The tail walls 220 act as anchors for curved sheet pile cell faces 210. Operations and material cost savings are a significant improvement of the present invention over the

An investigation on a failed double-wall cofferdam during

To mitigate floods a 400 m long double-wall cofferdam was constructed enclosing a river mouth. The 6–25 m wide cofferdam braced using steel struts and walers welded to sheet piles inside the cofferdam was constructed with 18 m long steel sheet piles penetrating a very soft marine clay and terminating in a medium stiff clay layer.

US8950981B2 - Earth retaining system such as a sheet pile

A soil raining system combining flat sheet pile walls in an open cell configuration includes integral soil anchors providing an improved earth retaining system. Another aspect of the invention is a method of designing and installing a soil retaining system with an open sheet pile cell structure having integral soil anchors.