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Physician’s Weekly for Exam Rooms | Physician's Weekly

Exam Room Wallboards from Physician’s Weekly. Physician’s Weekly is bringing professional and patient messages together at the Point of Care. 100% share of voice on exam room wallboard

Interactive Exam Room Wallboard - YouTube

IRMC Physician Group foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Nihar Ghate demonstrates the use of the interactive exam room wallboard.

Product Overview - Exam Room Wallboard - YouTube

Enhance the patient consultation with access to resources 3D anatomical models and more. Visit https://www.outcomehealth.com/exam-room-wallboard/ for more d...

Diagnostic Systems Wall - Welch Allyn

Connex Integrated Wall System. Comprehensive physical assessment and vital signs documentation in one convenient system. The Connex Integrated Wall System provides everything vital for improved patient safety speeding patient flow...

Digital Exam Room Whiteboards for Emergency Departments ...

Small Form Factor for Emergency Departments. Housed in a smaller package to fit in the tight space of the Emergency Department examination room and with a critical pallet of information available to the patient the digital exam room whiteboard solution is engineered to be most effective for information needed during the short period of time the patient will be in the examination room.

Exam Room Wallboard | Outcome Health

Through the Exam Room Wallboard’s touchscreen display physicians can select rotate zoom and annotate anatomical and condition-specific illustrations. Increase Patient Understanding Physicians can provide patients with an in-depth look at their health through condition-specific and anatomical 3D models including different condition stages ...

Exam Room Wallboard - DJG Portfolio

Improve the Exam Room Wallboard’s value to doctors and patients thereby increasing use time attention to the product and potential ad views. Hypothesis ContextMedia Health believed that by introducing new features that better facilitated conversations between doctors and patients the Wallboard would be more extensively used.

CheckedUp Explorer Waiting Room TV

• The 28-inch Digital Exam Room Wallboard delivers clear and accurate interactive content to help physicians and patients make health decisions together. • Makes the patient visit more effective and efficient by capitalizing on an image-based presentation of conditions and treatments.