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how to remove screwless ethernet wall plate

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Sleek and screwless this wall plate elevates the look of any space. For 2-Gang use.

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Not unless you have wall plates for your phone outlet. Our home was build only about 30-35 years ago and the phone socket is fastened to the skirting board. I suspect wall plates are in far fewer than "every Aussie home". Patching it will require painting of the whole wall as it would be too noticeable. Depends on lots of things.

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find a thin flat strip of metal that you can wriggle between the plate and the wall surface without marring the wall. you may wish to use an index card or other heavy paper under the metal strip to avoid scratching the wall. once you have the metal under the plate just lever it off. it should snap free without a lot of force.

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Touch Plate Ultra sub-plates install under the device. You will need to cut the power to the device then remove the device from the box and feed it through the sub-plate. Use the device's screws to attach both the sub-plate and the device to the box. Snap the screwless cover onto the subplate before restoring power to the device.

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Screwless Satin Double Socket White Insert 13A 2G Twin on eBay (end time 29-Mar-10 19:40:58 BST) and I wondered if: 1. They would fit in standard back boxes? 2. How easy is it to pull off the front plates as I have two children? 3. Are they worth the extra money over non screwless sockets? Thanks in advance Andrew