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Maestro offers stylish wall panels that fit into any interior and in every room. The panels are particularly easy to install and are placed directly in front of your old wall. Feel the need to change styles occasionally? Removing your Maestro wall is easily done. Perfect for a (temporary) accent wall! The panels are robust and easy to maintain.

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Decorative wall and ceiling panels. Easily installed yourself without breaking down the existing structure. Discover all qualities and be inspired by a range of colors and designs for your new construction or renovation project that will turn any place into your favorite place.

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All our wall panels for bathrooms have a tongue and groove design meaning they are 100% waterproof. Most people are now using bathroom panels instead of tiles because they are quick and easy to install. Wall Panelling can be used in your bathroom but also in your hallways living room and bedroom to add a practical and stylish finish to your ...

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The decorative solutions from Maestro each have two characteristics in common: no demolition work is needed on the existing structure and you easily install everything yourself. The wall and ceiling panels can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the unique tongue and groove connection.

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Terrazzo is the big new trend in the interior world. This speckled granite is making a comeback and exudes plenty of grandeur and nostalgia. Terrazzo blue is perfect for an artistic and creative accent wall.

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Maestro offers practical ceiling panels that fit into every interior and every room. The panels are particularly easy to install and all in one day! You simply incorporate your electricity and lighting into the wooden slatted frame to which the panels are attached.