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how to put on clapboard siding

Siding Installation How-To with Gary Katz - YouTube

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How To Install Clapboard Siding - 12/2020

8. Butt joints between boards should be staggered and made on studs. Fit siding snugly to other pieces and to trim. Install clapboards level. 9. Flashing: Before installing siding make sure that flashing’s are installed to prevent moisture from entering wall and roof spaces. Flashing are an important in controlling moisture in wall assemblies.

How to Install Clapboard Siding on Your Dollhouse

To put clapboard on dormers an angled wall or an unusually shaped area it is best to make patterns for each surface that will require clapboard. Place the pattern on the back of the clapboard in the correct position in order for the clapboard to fit on the house.

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Clean install as my routing is meticulous and I'm using the same cover you show above. Top edge and sides of cover will be caulked to siding before painting. Since I mounted horizontally in the middle of a clapboard (didn't want to cut courses) the the top of cover plate is about 1/2" below edge of the clapboard above.