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how to paint interior wall paneling

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Priming and Sanding Walls Before Painting. If you’re working with new walls or if you’ve patched any holes before you start you’ll also need to prime. Primer fills in spongelike pores and creates an even solid base that takes paint well. You should also prime if you’re going from a dark to a light color or vice versa.

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With your brush paint (cut in) along the perimeter of the paneling. Start at a top corner and continue along the ceiling and around the baseboards. TIP: As you cut in be sure to remove the excess paint that collects between the panel grooves with your brush.

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Apply primer before painting the walls. A primer is essential if you want to go from dark walls to light or white walls. Many brands offer paint and primer in one. First use a paint brush to “cut in” 2- to 3-inch bands around the edges corners and frames of a room. When cutting in you can try to do the entire room at one time.

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Latex wall paint is durable doesn't have a strong odor and dries quickly making it the ideal choice for an interior project. Depending on the final effect you want to achieve you can choose from a variety of different finishes from flat which has the least amount of shine to gloss which is a high-shine paint. [20]

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Failure to prime often leads to hiring a pro to skim coat the walls and repaint which is far more costly than a gallon or two of primer. And now that you've prepared your walls consider these 10 tried-and-true interior wall paint colors that are guaranteed to make your room look great. Learn more about our expert Eric Regan here.

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Painting interior walls is the easiest way to freshen up your place. But this project can quickly turn into a nightmare if you're not careful. Follow these six tips the next time you paint and you

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Four-panel interior doors form a fantastic wall paneling in a master bedroom. How to Install Shaker-Style Wainscot Add character and depth to walls in your favorite room by installing a 40-inch-tall Shaker-style wainscot wall covering.

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Step #1: Cleaning Walls Before Painting As seen in our How to Prep Walls for Painting video clean walls are key in preparing a room for painting. While there is no best way to clean walls before painting most walls can be washed using a sponge and warm water.

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Painting New Stucco. Like many forms of plaster a new interior stucco wall will need time to dry out before you can paint it. Trying to apply paint to a brand new stucco wall will be very difficult and it is best to allow the wall time to dry or cure before you add any decoration to it. After a couple of months paint the stucco wall as usual.

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If you plan to keep the trim's color as-is or paint it a shade different than your wood paneling remove it from the wall. Use a prybar and gently pull it loose. If you plan to paint the trim the same color as the wall lightly sand the adjacent wood trim on baseboards to allow the paint to adhere to it.