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retaining wall against existing fence

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Retaining walls have been used for many years both as walls to hold back the land on the side of a hill as well as a boundary wall between lands. Building stone retaining walls is not a hard project but requires quite a bit of hard labor and attention to how the wall in reinforced.

Loads and Forces Acting on Retaining Wall and Their

Retaining wall design could include any or all of loads and forces which are explained in the following sections: 1. Lateral Earth Pressure Acting on Retaining Wall. The main purpose of retaining wall construction is to retain soil; that is why soil lateral earth pressure is a major concern in the design.

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Print Your responsibility as a fence owner. Dividing fences are a common cause of disputes between neighbours. People often disagree over who pays for the building and upkeep of the fence or the type of fence needed particularly when one neighbour wants a fence for a specific purpose such as to keep a dog.Your legal rights concerning a fence between your neighbour’s and your land which

building a stone retaining wall garden against a wooden fence?

The retaining wall will be at some places 3 feet tall and once complete the soil will be resting against the wooden fence in that corner of my yard. having the soil just rest against my fence would be a horrible idea it would rot the wood and the second it starts raining it will all wash out behind the fence.

SA.GOV.AU - Fencing boundary and encroachment disputes

Existing brush fences. These requirements do not affect existing brush fences or existing dwellings if no changes are being made to the fence or dwelling. Existing brush fences can be repaired but not replaced with another brush fence unless the fire resistance measures of the building are appropriate.

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The first step in building a retaining wall is digging a trench. Since the retaining wall blocks rest in this trench it must be perfectly level. With the proper tools and a fair amount of time any homeowner can successfully build a retaining wall on uneven ground.

Retaining walls conjur a variety of issues

We share a fence with an existing wooden retaining wall that was installed by the original developers in 1980. The wall and fence need to be replaced soon. The neighbor wants to put in an engineered concrete retaining wall with a new expensive fence on top of it and have me split the cost.

Do we need to install drainage for a retaining wall on level

We have an existing (poor) retaining wall that is about 2 feet high. 30 inches in front of it we’re adding a new retaining wall mainly to establish some plant beds along fence line. The land in front of the new wall is level.

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When a retaining wall is being built for other purposes for example landscaping or when it is proposed to demolish remove repair or alter an existing retaining wall then development approval from your local council will generally be required.

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TerraFirm composite fibre cement retaining panels can be built into any Modular Wall to accommodate your specific retaining requirements. This integrated solution offers a consistent and visually appealing wall or fence in one without the hassle (and cost) of building a separate masonry retaining wall.

Know your rights when you have a fence war with your neighbours

In 2016 after the new fence has been erected he raised his natural ground level up to 1.000 metre in height (both sides have the same natural ground level before) and constructed an unauthorised retaining wall up to 1.000 metre in height and 7.000 metres in length and a brick wall up to 3.000 metres in height just behind the new fence.

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Retaining walls serve a different purpose than fences. They are engineered to support built up or excavated earth. Retaining walls are not normally a matter of joint responsibility for neighbours because a retaining wall is usually of more benefit to one neighbour. Are retaining walls covered by the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and

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Certain landscapes and existing retaining walls require more excavation. For example it’s much easier to remove dirt if no retaining wall is present versus replacing an existing wall with stone and boulders already in place. If you have a retaining wall and want to save some cash on a masonry pro remove as much of the old wall as possible.

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If your neighbour does something to their land such as excavate the land and build a retaining wall on their land and the action of doing so has caused your land to subside then you have a right of action against them. This rule is built on the principle that “a man must use his own land in a way that does not injure his neighbour”.


Permits to replace an existing fence or retaining wall up to 42 inches tall can be approved the same day. If the wall replacement involves new footings it is a new wall. Permits for new fences or walls up to 42 inches tall take approximately 3 weeks. For applications requiring Public Space Committee attention the average timeframe is 45 to 90


slopes. Retaining walls and reinforced slopes are typically included in projects to minimize construction in wetlands to widen existing facilities and to minimize the amount of right of way needed in urban environments. Projects modifying existing facilities often need to modify or replace existing retaining walls or widen abutments for

Frequently asked questions

The wall is crumbling. Do I have to pay to repair the retaining wall? If the retaining wall is needed to support or maintain a dividing fence you may have to share the costs of repairing it. The process for recovering the costs of repairing it will be the same as for any other type of fencing work. You should speak to your neighbour to try and

Can I add a retaining wall to the base of the existing face?

The fence was sufficiently sturdy enough that it was used as the posts to hold some 2x6" horizontals for the retaining wall to hold the garden. The whole garden was lined with a thick black plastic. The top of the wall between the fence and retaining wall was covered by the same hardwood decking as the rest of the deck.

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Perhaps you’re thinking of building a retaining wall against an existing fence. Whatever your requirements Jim’s Fencing can provide you with the advice you need. So let’s explore three concerns the modular wall system can help resolve.

General Law - Part IV Title I Chapter 266 Section 105

Section 105: Stone walls or fences; unauthorized removal Section 105. Whoever wilfully and without right pulls down or removes any portion of a stone wall or fence which is erected or maintained for the purpose of enclosing land shall be punished by a fine of not more than ten dollars.

What to do with gap in Retaining wall & fence - Home

Since the neighbors fence sits lower than my retaining wall I was looking at ideas to fill in the gap so that no pests etc get in or kids have an accidental fall. i could build a fence on top of the retaining wall but would prefer to share the existing fence with the neighbor.

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First a level surface was created on the sloping ground. A retaining wall also helped solve this problem. DIY Tip: Use what you have. Extending this small patio solved a big space problem. Adding on to existing elements will save time and money that you would sacrifice in a major overhaul.


Beware of potential for reversal of skin friction against the back side of the retaining wall! You should also be aware of the difference in assumed skin friction depending on whether the wall stem was poured in-place against the roughened earth or poured against smooth concrete forms.

Building a retaining wall garden against a wooden fence

I am building it against a wooden fence there are going to be approx 2 layers of height in my design which will have the respective amount of soil contacting the wooden fence. I need to come up with a means of keeping the soil and runoff water from touching the fence or this stone wall project will turn into a fencing project.

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As if all those options weren’t enough we’ve got another one for you – retaining walls. Sometimes it isn’t possible to fence your front yard due to a sloping block or erosion issues. Or perhaps you just like the look a retaining wall as a fencing option. Timber concrete and stone are three popular materials for retaining walls.

How to Divert Water Away from Foundations with Retaining

Make sure retaining walls stand up to pressure so they don’t buckle and collapse. Avoid retaining wall failure by ensuring soil stabilization and proper wall drainage. Clay soils retain water for a long time exerting pressure against the wall. On the other hand sandy soils and small rocks or gravel allow water to drain easily.

landscaping - Best Retaining wall solution adjacent to fence

Wall 24 inches in height. Want to minimize gap between fence and wall. Contractor wants to nail 2x12s against the fence to create the small retaining wall. I don't like that because of the load on the fence what todo when the fence has to be replaced or post rotting problems. It does minimize the footprint of the "wall" though.

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Retaining walls occur where there is a change of ground level between the land on either side of the wall. A retaining wall must have greater strength than a normal wall in order to support the weight of the land retained on the higher side of the wall. The requirement for this extra strength makes them more expensive to build and more

Neighbour using fence as retaining wall for dirt - Gardening

The neighbour has built up the ground against the fence to about 25-30 CM (1 foot) with dirt etc to level the land on their side of the fence and make a bit of a garden and is effectively useing the fence as a retaining wall for their garden dirt . The fence posts and boards have rotted thanks mainly to the garden dirt and rubbish piled up

120 ft retaining wall against wood fencesuggestions

We have a customer that wants a 120-foot retaining wall 6 inches high and the front we can do but any recommendations on the back side which will be up against their wooden fence? I figured something that will leave space against the fence because we are putting in six inches of compost material as well.