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Steve Bannon Arrested in $25 Million Border Wall GoFundMe Scheme

The GoFundMe page for the scheme appears to announced Thursday morning that four men have been indicted for their roles in a crowdfunding scheme to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border

Border Wall GoFundMe Nears $16.5M Anti-Wall Campaign Nets $141K

Brian Kolfage a triple-amputee military veteran and Purple Heart recipient started a GoFundMe campaign on December 16 called “We the People Will Fund the Wall” to convince the federal government to allocate $1 billion to secure the border.

Bannon and private border wall: Project began with a $20

The private border wall started with a GoFundMe campaign that rapidly raked in more than $20 million. Now prosecutors accuse former top Trump aide Steve Bannon and others tied to the project of

GoFundMe that raised $20 million for border wall will return

Brian Kolfage launched an ambitious GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion for the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. The campaign titled "We The People Will Build the Wall" raised $20 million

Donations to Trump's border wall GoFundMe will be refunded

The $20 million that has been donated to a GoFundMe page to help fund President Donald Trump's wall along the southern border is going to be refunded.

GoFundMe cooperating with DOJ on border wall fundraising

GoFundMe cooperating with DOJ on border wall fundraising probe offered to refund donor money Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted as part of the scheme

Border wall GoFundMe construction faces resistance from

Heavy machinery moves a bollard-type wall to be placed along the border of private property using funds raised from a GoFundMe account at Sunland Park N.M. as seen from Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Over $20 Million Raised in Border Wall GoFundMe - Time

G oFundMe will refund over $20 million in donations raised to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall.. The fundraiser “We the People Will Build the Wall” was created by veteran Brian Kolfage on Dec

Trump Border Wall Donations Refunded by GoFundMe | PEOPLE.com

A GoFundMe campaign that raised more $20 million in an effort to help fund President Donald Trump's proposed border wall has hit a barrier of its own

Privately funded border wall goes up near El Paso with

A private group has built a $6 million bollard-type wall at the border on private property near Mount Cristo Rey with funds raised from a GoFundMe account.