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NHBC Standards 2011

Straps should have a cross section of 30mm x 5mm galvanised steel straps or straps which have been assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3. (See clause 6.4 - S12 for fixing details). Where joists run parallel to the wall straps should be supported on noggings fixed between the three joists adjacent to the wall.

H/L Heavy/Light Restraint Straps - Strong-Tie

• Strap to be of sufficient length to be fixed to a minimum of three trusses. Vertical application • Fix LES or L strap to wall plate with 3 no. 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails and to masonry with 5 off dia. 5.5 x 50mm wood screws plugged and screwed into masonry.

NHBC Standards 2011

Fixings to connect the roof structure to the wall plate should be specified having regard to the roof construction and the exposure conditions of the site. For trussed rafter roofs not subject to uplift the minimum fixing should be two 4.5mm x 100mm long galvanized round wire nails skew nailed one from each side of the trussed rafter.

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Straps and Tie-Downs. The nuts and bolts of manufactured homes our straps and tie-downs are anything but basic. Use primarily for manufactured housing. Used to hold down the end of the truss to keep them coming off the wall by wrapping around the wall. Straps and Tie-Downs could and should be used on all trusses.

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NHBC Technical Standards | NHBC - NHBC Home | NHBC

The latest edition of the NHBC Standards is the 2021 edition which comes into force for new homes registered with NHBC where the foundations are started on or after 1 January 2021. You can view this edition here where you’ll also find a wide range of supplementary guidance to help you interpret and apply the Standards.

Technical Guidance Documents | NHBC

To help you interpret and apply the NHBC Standards we produce the following Technical Guidance Documents. They each expand on and explain a specific part of the NHBC Standards. They are designed for use by competent construction industry workers and are for general guidance only.

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1200mm centres is IMHO a little excessive - NHBC requirements are 2000mm centres. Straps should be min 1200mm long bent at 100mm screwed to wallplate and min 3 screws and brown plugs to wall as previous post.

7.2.2 Provision of information - NHBC Standards 2020 NHBC

The layout of trusses and associated items; Details of mono-pitch lean-to roofs and roof intersections (i.e. hips and valleys) Details of girder trusses multiple trusses and diminishing trusses including how they are to be fixed together and supported on truss shoes layboards or similar

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How to use lateral restraints during construction

Straps should also be in line on each side of the walls and fixed across at least three rafters. 2. Separating walls with rafters greater than 300mm apart vertically on each side of the wall should be provided with restraint straps. 3. Separating walls with horizontal staggers between two dwellings should be provided with restraint straps

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Hello. I was wondering if I could get a little advice. I am having my flat roofed semi converted to a gable ended pitched roof the builder says the new wall plate needs strapping down and that strapping will go down the wall into the first floor walls by approximately 900mm.

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Features:0.475in Height 600 Per Pack Size:1.50 X 2.75in Width:1.50in Length:2.75in Thickness:16 Gauge Material:steel

7.2.9 Bracing for trussed rafter roofs - NHBC Standards 2020

22mm x 97mm x 600mm timber splice plate nailing using a minimum of four 35mm x 65mm galvanised round wire nails to each side of the intersection with nails driven through bracing and clenched over. Longitudinal bracing member at ridge node point

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In place of the heavy traditional 30x5mm strap at 2.0m c/c spacing the FMS strap is installed to provide restraint at every joist end whether built in or on hangers. So there’s no need to calculate where the straps go or worry about getting one in the wrong place. Every job gets done quicker and more smoothly.

T142 CM 7.2/16 - nhbc.co.uk

wall plate. BRE good building guide No. 8 describes methods of ˜xing the bracing to the wall plate. NHBC Standards clause 7.2 - D5(c) says diagonal bracing should be ˜xed to wall plate. Answer The diagonal bracing should be ˜xed to the wall plate. Where possible the bracing may extend over the wall plate and be ˜xed with two nails or

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Part 7 Roofs Chapter 7 - New Build Inspections

maximum 2m centres. Steel straps with a galvanized finish are normally acceptable. The design should detail how straps are to be fixed and what materials are to be used. The durability of fixings should be compatible with the straps. (d) sizing and spacing of members Sizing and spacing of rafters and ceiling

Wall Plate Straps for Mounting Switch Covers to Electrical Boxes

Provides a way to screw device mount wall plates (2-3/8" screw hole spacing) into electrical boxes (3-9/32" screw hole spacing) when used in alternative applications. Spacing between hole and center of slot on strap is 1/2". Round holes on straps are threaded to hold standard wallplate screws in place with no nut required when no device is used.

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The H and L straps are designed to The Building Regulations for horizontal and vertical restraint. Heavy restraint straps meet requirements for lateral restraint of roof trusses rafters and joists tied into masonry walls. Light restraint straps are designed for vertical loads such as wall plates on top of masonry walls.

PFS - Pre-Formed Strap

Restraint Straps Ancillary Products Custom Connector Design Template [email protected] 103 PFS - Pre-Formed Strap PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The PFS is a single piece 1.5mm galvanised steel strap designed to provide enhanced performance and greater flexibility of use. It exceeds the performance of the traditional 30 x 5mm lateral restraint

VRS - Vertical Restraint Strap

Position strap against timber and fix with 8No. 3.75mm x 30mm square twist nails into wall stud and 2No. 3.75mm x 30mm square twist nails into wallplate. Application Dimensions Fixings (3.75 x 30mm) Safe Working Loads (kN) - Short Term Characteristic Capacity Wallplate Wall (kN) Timber to timber wallplate strap 500-100 2 7 3.0 4.8 700-100 2 8 3

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Holding down straps should be fixed to wall plate to prevent any wind uplift at say no more than 2 metre centres. But always follow design criteria and local NHBC regs.Very important. 2020-07-04T16:00:04+01:00


details give an option to have a continuous wall plate or a stepped wallplate with the gable wall plate being raised to suit the bottom chord depth of the truss. Either of the details meets the minimum requirement of Building Regulations 2010 approved document A Scottish Building regulations domestic NHBC Standards for houses of

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As an alternative certain roof-to-wall connectors (embedded truss anchors pp. 248–249 seismic and hurricane ties pp. 270–272 and twist straps p. 277) can be evaluated using the following: The design load in each direction shall not exceed the published allowable load in that direction multiplied by 0.75.

Home | NHBC

National House Building Council is registered in England and Wales under company number 320784. NHBC's registered address is; NHBC House Davy Avenue Knowlhill Milton Keynes Bucks MK5 8FP.

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Multi holed at 25mm offset centres restraint straps should be fixed using either 50mm long no. 12 woodscrews (using wall plugs in masonry for vertical restraint) or 75mm x 4.0mm diameter galvanised nails into timber. Stainless steel screws or nails must be used when fixing stainless steel straps.

NHBC Standards 2011

Wall plates should be joined using half-lapped joints at corners and in running lengths. In Scotland 100mm x 25mm wall plates should be used in long lengths butt jointed. Where required holding down straps should be fixed to the wall plate at maximum 2m centres.

Timber Frame Hold Down Strap - Simpson Strong Tie

ETFSS hold down strap provides restraint against uplift to timber frame structures keeping them firmly to the ground. Quick and simple to install; One size strap suits cavities from 50 to 100mm; Meets NHBC Technical requirements; Meets NSAI Technical requirements

Installation - Heavy/Light Restraint Straps - Simpson Strong Tie

Strap to be of sufficient length to be fixed to a minimum of three trusses. Vertical application. Fix LES or L strap to wall plate with 3 no. 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails and to masonry with 5 off dia. 5.5 x 50mm wood screws plugged and screwed into masonry. The lowest fixing should be located within 150mm of the bottom of the vertical strap.

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3-1/16 in. G90 Corner Brace Angles straps and braces join and reinforce Angles straps and braces join and reinforce joints with simple multi-purpose solutions. . Available in many lengths widths and gauges they provide a tension connection between two woo

NHBC Standards 2011

Where joists are supported on hangers restraint straps along the direction of the joists at not more than 2m centres are required. In buildings of not more than two storeys where restraint type joist hangers assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3 are used or where joists are built into a wall and bear at least 90mm on the wall no

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Order online at Screwfix.com. Lateral restraint strap. Overall length 1000mm bend at 100mm provides up to 4kN of vertical restraint. Connects wall plates from masonry walls. FREE next day delivery available free collection in 5 minutes.

Spacing of straps at gables - Eden District

Nailing a strap (or even screwing it) into position while the masonry is green is difficult to do without disturbing and weakening the blockwork. How to fix rafter straps. Engage at least three rafters with each strap; Straps of 5 x 30mm galvanised steel; Use corrosion resistant nails (3.35 x 65 mm) Pack between end rafter and wall

Gable Wall Spandrel Panels - Trussed Rafter Association

Gable wall spandrel panels page 03 2 Structural considerations This guide provides information in relation to single leaf gable wall spandrel panels supported on the inner leaf of a masonry cavity gable wall. This is a simpler alternative to that defined (as type 5) within the NHBC Technical Guidance 7.2/25 on spandrel panels to cold roofs -


NHBC recommendations. If straps are fixed across joists or trussed rafters which are parallel with the wall and there is a gap between the wall and the first joist or truss the gap must be packed. Noggins must be used between each joist or truss. Fixing for horizontal restraint: 5 no 4 x 75 round wire nails 1 per noggin 1 per joist. Strap

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THnaks Seven Trust Truss company said 4 x 2 for wall plate and I have got it tanalised. BCO said will be checking hold down straps etc. Roof is approx 4m wide by 6m long just get 35 deg pitch as forced in by how it joins in with main house roof.

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The architect has advised that if the current wall plate is strapped sufficiently - then we can simply affix the new wall plate to it. If the existing wall plate is not strapped - then the new wall plate will have to be strapped instead. The architect has specified 5x30mm straps at 1.8m centres in order to comply.

NHBC Standards 2011

Pre-drilled vertical holding down straps should be at least one metre long and 30mm x 2.5mm in cross section. All mild steel straps and fixings should be protected against corrosion in accordance with Tables A.1 and A.2 of BS EN 845-1. See clause 7.1 - D3 for guidance on the use of timber in balcony construction.

6.2.5 Fixing the frame - NHBC Standards 2020 NHBC Standards 2020

care should be taken to avoid splitting timber plates or damaging the substructure. Holding-down devices should be durable as detailed in the design and manufactured from: austenitic stainless steel to BS EN 10088-1 minimum grade 1.4301

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At openings and movement joints wall ties should be spaced at maximum 300mm centres vertically even if this means cutting cavity insulation to insert the tie. Doubling the number of wall ties at 450mm or 600mm centres vertically is not an acceptable alternative.

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The top of wall plate is 525 above top of frame so I guess that means max. 500mm straps there. What do people recommend for panels? Other perhaps more daft questions: I presume the strap goes down the inside of the inner leaf rather than down the cavity Are the lengths generally stated as plus or including the bend? My inner leaf is 100mm.

7.2.3 Design of pitched roofs - NHBC Standards 2020 NHBC

Pole plates Similar to purlins but used where ceiling joists are above wall plate level. Generally sizes should be as Table 3 unless designed by an engineer in accordance with Technical Requirement R5.