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can u find wall studs behind paneling

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Step 1: Find The Studs. First and foremost you will need to find the vertical studs that are behind the drywall. To do this you can search for them with an electronic stud finder. Move this horizontally along the wall until it tells you that a stud has been found. The LED bulb will flash or a beeping sound will activate when you place it

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Enjoy your new paneled room. Now that you've seen how easy it is to install paneling here's a few tips on how to install paneling on studs instead of drywall. With unfinished walls you can nail the panel sheets right onto the studs or blocks of wood nailed between the studs.

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You can find studs with an electronic stud finder or you can try to find them manually. If your walls are drywall a stud finder locates studs quickly and accurately. It's less effective on lath/plaster walls but some have a metal-scanning feature that may locate the nails securing the lath to the studs.

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From looking behind outlets on other walls the boards appear to be 1" thick pieces of some kind of soft wood (I can dent it with my nail). Given the era and the geography I'm thinking redwood. I'm not having any luck finding studs or coming up with an alternative: The plaster and lathe above the boards gives unreliable readings

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2. Cover with wallpaper they sell a fibrous looking one that you can paint or paper over. 3. Hang a curtain check out pottery barn kids cable wire system they go up to 20 feet. 4. I heard on walls you can use sizing and cover the wall with fabric. It comes down easy and does not ruin the wall. This was on HGTV room by room a long time ago.

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As mentioned before the other studs in the wall are 16 inches or a multiple of away. Most good tape measures will highlight those numbers to make it even easier. Mark the spot then use a level to follow the stud vertically up or down the wall to the height you need it.

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If you notice any unevenness in the wall fasten scrap wood behind the furring in these areas in order to keep your tongue-and-groove planks in plane. Minor protruding areas can be sanded away or

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Find Wall Studs Adjacent to Light Switches and Outlets . In new construction electricians usually nail the electrical boxes for light switches and outlets onto the sides of studs. This can help you find the general location of a stud in a wall. But note that it is not immediately clear on which side of the box you will find the stud.

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My house has about 1/8-3/16" paneling on the walls in the bedrooms you can tell there is no gyp. bd. behind it as it flexes pretty easy. If you are just looking to cover the insulation I think it would be fine to use the cheap stuff. If you ever want to hang heavy stuff find a stud easy because the walls flex.

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Understand wall construction. Every house is different but there are a few things you can count on. More modern stick-framed houses (anything built after 1920 or so) is likely built with 2x4 or

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I would suggest using a good quality paneling the cheaper thin stuff will be wavy without backing. If you do go without backing I would also suggest the wall be on 16 centers. Dont forget the insulation. Good Luck and remember you can never have to many outlets knows the time later is a ///// well you know.

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For really heavy weights I consider carefully removing the panel and putting in an extra stud. If the paneling is stuck on with adhesive you'd better be able to find studs or rethink hanging the heavy load. Time was paneling was 100% wood and would hold more weight but now days it's all chipboard with vinyl covering.

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Before installing thin plywood paneling in a room it’s a good idea to install drywall behind it to make the wall stronger. To prevent the drywall from showing through the seams in the paneling: Mark the paneling seam with a pencil.

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Each package tells you how much weight it will hole -- in a garage make it strong -- let's say as strong as you can find in the store. As for the length you need to have the thickness of the 2x4 (1-1/2") plus the drywall (1/2" or more) plus a tiny bit for the steel stud plus the length of the wing when it is folded tight against the screw.

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Dos and Don’ts of Finishing Basement Walls Find out what it takes to successfully “finish” a basement’s concrete walls to create a comfortable living space down below.

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You can choose one of two methods when drilling pilot holes. The first is to use a very small drill bit or even a small precision screw driver to poke a hole in the wall where you think a stud should be - below are tips to help you with this guess. Keep drilling/poking these small holes horizontally across the wall until you find a stud.

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How to Find a Wall Stud Without a Stud Finder. The plaster or drywall surfaces of the walls in your home are unlikely to be sturdy enough to support much weight. If you want to hang shelves or

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Since you have the space behind the paneling I'd use a wall anchor or toggle bolt instead of directly screwing into the paneling. As far as finding the studs the strips of wood behind the paneling are furring strips but usually 3/4" and should be 16" on center if they were installed vertically and will most likely line up with the studs.

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If the wall is windowless transfer the measurements by adding the thickness of the wall to the distance from the inside corner to the stud. For example if you locate an interior stud 12 inches from the corner add the thickness of the drywall usually 1/2 inch plus the thickness of the studs which is 3 1/2 inches if the studs are two-by-fours.

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A sound wall will not let you hear the location of the studs when knocking on the wall. A regular studfinder typically has a probe depth of 3/4" just beyond the depth the standard ones can reach. – Jack Dec 10 '13 at 1:41

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ETA can you see where it is nailed on? those are the studs The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall never be infringed limited rescinded interfered with or prohibited by any decree of law decision by court or policy by the executive branch.

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Plus you can install hooks anywhere that’s convenient rather than planning around the wall studs. Wet-Area Options Photo by Tra Giovan. What to use when moisture is an issue. On bathroom and even kitchen-sink walls wood planks and plywood sheets stand up to moisture better than standard MDF which can swell with water.

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3. Make sure wall studs don't come into contact with the foundation wall. The cool concrete of the foundation wall will collect humid air which will condense on its surface. This moisture will wick into any lumber that comes into contact with it. So make sure the framed wall has a gap between it and the foundation wall.

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On a properly framed house O.C stud spacing is pulled from one end of the house walls/doors should not affect these. To find the studs on Horizontal T&G paneling see if you can see the nails or nail Gouge under/near the tongue or if that fails then at the top of the wall possibly under a trim strip.

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The ship lap boards were a lucky find at the store. Unlike the common tongue and groove boards which have a U shaped groove on one edge these have a single tongue that is offset from the center. Commonly these might be used for siding where -- placed horizontally -- they can help water drain away.

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When looking for wall studs behind a wood panel wall look closely for colored nail heads in the grooves of the panels. Any nails you find probably penetrate a wall stud behind the paneling.

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If the wall is new and without wallboard or plaster you can attach sheets or boards directly to the studs or to 2-by-4 blocks nailed between the studs. If you do attach furring strips to the wall studs use nails long enough to penetrate them by at least 1 inch.

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When looking for wall studs behind a wood panel wall look closely for colored nail heads in the grooves of the panels. Any nails you find probably penetrate a wall stud behind the paneling. Helpful

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If you own an old house with plaster and lath walls you may have discovered how utterly useless a stud finder can be. Most smaller items can be hung pretty securely anywhere on the wall by screwing into the wood lath but for heavy things that weight more than 10-15 lbs like large mirrors and TVs you’ll need to learn how to find studs in a plaster wall.

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First locate the wall studs. Repair the old wall ensuring that it is nailed tightly to its framing. The framing behind walls usually runs vertically on 16" centers or sometimes 24" centers. When you find one stud you can usually locate the others easily by measuring. Or you can use a stud finder.

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Paneling Over Exposed Stud Walls This is the easiest paneling project because you are working with bare studs and have no structural or surfacing problems to contend with. You can use either a paneling adhesive or nails to attach panels to a stud wall.

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Since your wall may be made of paneling drywall or plaster over lath depending on your untrained ear will leave you with a bunch of unwanted holes in your wall. Stud Finders are probably the best method for finding studs because they measure the density of the wall letting you know when you are over solid wood or in the center of a void.

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If you find that your paneling is installed directly over the wall studs you will need to install drywall once your paneling is removed. This is significantly more work than merely removing the

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The stud finders typically work by penetrating the walls and finding the metal and wooden studs behind the wall. But in several modern houses there is a wide range of plywood ceilings and many of have done the carpentry work at home to make it look even more beautiful than before.

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If you miss a stud this option can be a good alternative. Take a long wire (like a clothes hanger) and fashion it into a right angle. Then insert one side of your wire into the wall and spin the

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My studfinder doesn't seem to be able to find studs through my aluminum siding. I am wanting to attach a horizontal metal bracket to the gable of my house. There are vertical studs behind the wall on 16" centers. It sure would be handy to know exactly where the studs are but my studfinder doesn't work through the aluminum siding. Any suggestions?

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Studs exist to hold up drywall on interior walls and wood sheathing on exterior walls. This means you will always find a stud header or footer on the top bottom or corners of walls. You may be

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We've removed crumbling plaster and lath from the stairwell of my 100+ old bungalow and want to line walls and ceilings with Beadboard paneling. Can we use 4' X 8' HDF hardboard and nail to studs? If so what nails would we use. Or would we use some type of adhesive gluing paneling to studs?

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You can simply screw most plastic paneling into place and you will be able to cover up walls directly. You can put them right over the studs so it’s really convenient overall. The plastic is going to be easy to clean too and it will be mold resistant making it perfect for rooms that have a lot of moisture.

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Exterior Paneling and All Exterior Sidings - Can’t Find the Studs Behind Hardy Plank Siding - I am having some difficulty trying to find studs behind Hardy Plank siding.