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the five levels of wallboard finishes

Gypsum Board Finish Levels

Level 5 . The highest quality level of gypsum board finishing. This level is recommended in areas where lighting conditions exist and areas where paint will be the final finish surface. Finishing gypsum board using level 5 recommendations is the most effective method to provide a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint photographing.

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Re: 5 Level Of Drywall Finish Category five is for preventing the 'telegraphing' of the surface difference between the compound surface and the paper surface of the finished surfaces when a semi-gloss gloss or egg-shell paint is going to be used.

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Drywall Finish Levels. The gypsum Link opens in a new tab industry and drywall professionals set six levels of drywall finish that serve different purposes. Level 0. No finish or taping applied. Drywall is hung to the walls or ceiling. Level 0 is used for temporary construction or when the final decoration is undetermined. Level 1

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Level 5: Suitable for use where gloss semi-gloss low sheen or non textured flat paints are being applied or where critical light conditions exist. To achieve a level 5 finish on plasterboard and fibre-cement a thin skim coat is applied to the entire surface of the sheets.

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Level 0 Finish. There is no tape joint compound corner bead or any other accessories. The drywall is hung on the studs and that is the extent of work done. A level 0 finish is used as a temporary barrier or in areas where the finishes have not been determined. Level 1 Finish


that occurs in Gypsum Board Levels 3 and 4 Finishes. If the expectation of the drywall primer is to enhance the gypsum board surface then a priming material known as a drywall completion coat is recommended to be specified. A drywall completion coat. gypsum board surface

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In this article Ferguson demonstrates how to produce a flawless Level 5 drywall finish that can stand up to the brightest light and glossiest paint. Starting with a Level 4 finish use a pole sander to smooth all joints corners and fastener heads. With a soft push broom wipe down the walls and remove any errant blobs of joint compound.

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Trends For Drywall Finishes Growing Popularity For Level 5 Finishes . Even with textured walls invisible settings level 5 drywall was originally intended only for very specific situations such as areas where: -Severe lighting is present-Gloss paints are used-Enamel paints are used-Non-textured flat paints are used

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Level 5 The highest quality finish is the most effective method to pro-vide a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint pho-tographing and of fasteners showing through the final decoration.This level of finish is required where gloss semigloss or enamel are speci-fied. or when flat joints are specified over an untextured surface or

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Unbacked vinyl wallcoverings are not recommended over this level of finish. Level 5 - For smooth wall designs this level of finish is the most effective method to provide a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint photographing and/or fasteners showing through the final decoration. Return to Top. Additional Drywall Prices


medium texture finishes (spray or hand applied over a primed gypsum board surface). Refer to Drywall Finishing Council document titled "Recommended Specification For Preparation of Gypsum Board Surfaces Prior To Texture Application". When subjected to critical lighting a Level 5 gypsum board finish as defined in GA-214-07 is recommended. Level 5:


level other than flat or any combination thereof. Unbacked vinyl wallcoverings are not recommended over this level of finish. 5 Typically specified in appearance areas where smooth wall designs are decorated with non‐flat paints (i.e. sheen/gloss) or other glossy

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A Level 5 drywall finish involves a skim coat of joint compound across the entire wall. Smooth drywall finishes are installed in accordance with the standards developed by the US Gypsum Association under document GA-214-96. These standards reference six levels of smooth drywall finishes and are considered the industry standard in the North

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The weight texture and sheen level of wallcoverings applied over this level of finish should be carefully evaluated. Joints and fasteners must be adequately concealed if the wallcovering material is lightweight contains limited pattern has a gloss finish or any combination of these finishes is present


The levels are numbered from 0 to 5. These levels define in detail exactly what a certain level of finish means and must be so that there is no vagueness in the meaning of a finish. When you ask for a certain finish level you get it. From GA 214-96 and GA 214-90. Level 0 Unfinished This level has the designation of zero because there is no

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When hiring installers and drafting a good contract it's important to understand the various levels of drywall finish. We'll walk you through the different levels laid out by the ASTM C840-04 offer advice on how to check for quality and more.

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The classification of drywall finishes on a 0 to 5 scale is a fairly new development having only been around since 1991 so there often are discrepancies amongst tradesmen about the definition and interpretation of different finish levels. To be fair the finish numbers are generally not used in the field all except one—the smoothest and finest finish of them all. The Level 5 finish.

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A swirl finish is usually accomplished by applying a thin coat of drywall mud and then with a stiff bristle a tradesman will drag the brush through the fresh mud in a circular pattern. Maintaining a consistent geometrically even pattern requires a high level of skill. 4. Skip trowel finish

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Call Jim 919-542-5335 - Check out the five levels of drywall finishes to see which level is best for your job.

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What is skim coating level 5 anyway? It’s the most effective method to finish drywall. There are actually 5 levels of finishing the product after drywall installation. The higher the number the better. But since the level of difficulty work involved and costs go higher too it depends on application.

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When people think of drywall they think "boring." If that's your thinking the following five types of drywall finishes and textures will change your mind. 1. Skip Trowel. A skip trowel is a popular drywall finish that uses a textured plaster to create the final look. It's sometimes confused with the knockdown texture (described below).

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Since level 5 drywall finish hides all imperfections it’s perfect when the angle of the wall in conjunction with the lighting might show flaws. To sum up. When you want to use glossy and flat paints or the lighting conditions don’t work in your favor you need a smooth surface with no imperfections.

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Drywall requires different levels of finish depending on lighting conditions decorative treatment and Level 5 The highest level of finish that is recommended for gloss semigloss enamel or nontextured flat paints is

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We are currently working on a home well over 2m and the customer has requested level 5 finish on all walls and ultra flat ceilings. We have achieved this with little to no effort by ways of quality of finishing and Synko Top Coat and Drywall primer. The painter is extremely pleased with the result

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Level 5 finish is recommended for areas where severe lighting conditions exist and areas that are to receive gloss semi-gloss enamel or non-textured flat paints. Level 5 requires all the operations in Level 4. Additionally a thin skim coat of joint compound or material manufactured especially for this purpose is applied to the entire surface.

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The levels range from zero to five with zero being nothing beyond hanging the drywall on the studs and five being a wall that is extensively prepared to end up with a finish that is nearly flawless and smooth. Level 5 finish requires great skill and experience as well as time and thus is the most expensive level of finish.

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A level five drywall finish is the most complicated of all the finishes. If you are planning to fit a drywall with this finish then you will need to do a lot of hard work. The level 5 drywall finish is not usually attempted by the amateur and is probably best left to the professional.

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Often called a Level 5 finish a truly smooth drywall finish involves laying a skim coat of drywall mud across the entire wall resulting in a perfectly even and pristine surface. A perfectly smooth finish such as laid down by the horsehair plasterers of the days of old can actually obtain a near mirror finish creating a dramatic presentation

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Use a level five finish in areas where strong lighting may increase the possibility of joint photographing and in areas where you plan to use a paint other than flat or enamel. Fiberglass mat drywall panels should generally receive a level five finish due to a naturally rougher texture than paper-covered drywall.

Recommended Specification: Levels of Gypsum Board Finish

applied over this level of finish should be carefully evaluated. Joints andfasteners must be adequately con-cealed if the wallcovering material is lightweight con-tains limited pattern has a gloss finish or any combina-tion of thesefeatures is present. Unbacked vinyl wallcov-erings are not recommended over this level of finish. Level 5: