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Asbestos was added to drywall joint mudding compound in the 1960s are early 1970s and is sometimes detected in earlier or later construction. This mud compound can contain anywhere from a trace percentage (0.2% to as much as 10% asbestos).


Drywall installed pre-1990 may have asbestos. Until about 1990 the tape and joint compound or ‘mud’ used to seal the seams and fill gaps between drywall boards sometimes contained asbestos. Asbestos-containing material is safe if left intact. When it is disturbed or damaged asbestos fibres are released in the air.

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Asbestos could be found in the drywall but it's much more common to see asbestos in the joint compound or joint tape. Oddly enough as I'm writing this reply I'm sitting on a job where the joint compound came back hot. So long story short it is possible but it's rare.

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First "Sheetrock" is a BRAND NAME for a Gypsum based drywall board. Gypsum is a type of rock mined in order to manufacture drywall board and some other products. To my knowledge no Gypsum drywall contains any significant amount of Asbestos. Second the Asbestos scare has been blown way out of proportion.

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First “Sheetrock” is both a brand name and a generic term in common use for gypsum wallboard by many different manufacturers. There are no alerts that I am aware of that state there is such contamination in currently offered products.

California Code of Regulations Title 8 Section 1529. Asbestos.

Asbestos-related work does not include the installation repair maintenance or nondestructive removal of asbestos cement pipe used outside of buildings if the work operations do not result in employee exposures to asbestos in excess of 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter of air (f/cc) as an 8-hour time-weighted average and the employees and

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A chance of asbestos ; as long as it was made before World War 2. PS- I still have an antique college text from before political correctness. It has a photo of a ( black) African asbestos miner he is snow white after a day in the mine.

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C1047 - Standard Specification for Accessories for Gypsum Wallboard and Gypsum Veneer Base. Sheetrock® Brand Dur-A-Bead® Corner Bead; C1177 - Standard Specification for Glass Mat Gypsum Substrate for Use as Sheathing. Securock® Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing (Regular and Firecode® X)

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Is There Asbestos Content in Drywall & Joint Compound? Even if the gypsum board itself did not contain asbestos this means that by weight the asbestos content of the wall system was about 0.25%.

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The composition of drywall is simple as it is two sheets of paper sandwiching a layer of gypsum rock. Prior to a 1979 ban on asbestos in building materials asbestos was frequently used to reinforce drywall and give it fire resistant properties. Drywall also known as sheetrock comes in standard sizes but can be cut with relative ease.

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Today we’re focusing on drywall also known in different countries brands and materials as plasterboard wallboard gypsum board or sheetrock. A Closer Look at Asbestos-Era Drywall Around the 1950s drywall started to replace that traditional “lath and plaster” construction methods for walls and ceiling.

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Drywall sheets are conformed to 4 feet by 8 feet standard panel sizes similar to plywood. The joint wall compound that is commonly used to close off the seams between drywall panels also contained asbestos between 1930 and 1980. This pre-mixed paste was used to join the gypsum boards together.

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Other building materials such as wallboard and wallboard systems may contain asbestos but unless an employer has specific knowledge or should have known through the exercise of due diligence that these other materials contain asbestos the standard does not compel the building owner to sample these materials.

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The high tensile strength and fibrous structure of asbestos makes it ideal for incorporating into gypsum as a strengthening fiber. The incredible popularity of the mineral in construction materials during the middle of the 20th century coincided with a drastic surge in the popularity of drywall as a construction material virtually guaranteeing that the carcinogenic fibers would find their way

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In fact Transite – the brand name of an asbestos wallboard containing up to 50% asbestos originally manufactured by Johns-Manville – became so popular that the word “Transite” was used generically to describe any type of wallboard. National Gypsum was another manufacturer of popularly used wallboards.

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You can also patch and repair drywall using a ready-made drywall patch. Cover the repair seams with mesh tape and a layer of joint compound to help keep the tape in place. Let the compound dry. Tip: For 1/2-inch drywall drywall screws should be at least 1 1/4 inches long. With 3/4-inch drywall you should use 1 3/8-inch screws.