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what is the fire rating for gypsum wall board

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Drywall is not necessarily fire rated just because it is 5/8 inch. Drywall can be non-fire rated in 5/8 inch but it is probably something you'll never see. All drywall is non-combustible but not all drywall is fire resistant. When drywall is exposed to heat the gypsum core crumbles though it doesn't burn.

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National Gypsum Company Construction Guide 35 Fire UL/GA Item No. Rating Design Description STC Test No. Fire / Sound Selector GYPSUM BOARD PARTITIONS – WOOD FRAMING (LOAD BEARING) – CONTINUED 9 30 Min. W411 45 NGC 2014044 Board applied vertically or horizontally to one side of 2x4 (38.1 mm x 88.9 mm) wood studs 16 in. (406 mm) o.c. with

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Fire-resistant. All types of drywall are inherently fire resistant. However there is a special type of drywall that has higher fire-resistance ratings than others. This drywall is known as Type X and it’s thicker (5/8 inch instead of 1/2 inch or less). Type X drywall has glass fibers mixed into the gypsum to increase its resistance to fire.

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In many jurisdictions installation of fire rated drywall is required by building codes on the exterior and interior walls that are in proximity to utility rooms and furnaces. In commercial buildings fire rated gypsum drywall are necessary for most of the walls and ceilings in order to meet building code requirements.

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Type X gypsum board is defined by ASTM C1396 and generally requires a fire-resistance rating of not less than one hour for 5⁄8” thick boards or 45 minutes for ½” boards. Type C is an industry phrase to designate enhanced gypsum panels that exceed the requirements for Type X gypsum board in ASTM C1396.

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R702.3 Gypsum board. R702.3.5 Application. Maximum spacing of supports and the size and spacing of fasteners used to attach gypsum board shall comply with Table R702.3.5. Gypsum sheathing shall be attached to exterior walls in accordance with Table R602.3(1). Gypsum board shall be applied at right angles or parallel to framing members.

Fire Safety Information 5/8' Type X Gypsum Wallboard (English)

Important Fire Safety Information 5/8” Type X Gypsum Wallboard Standards Testing and Certification Summary • Type X gypsum wallboard 5/8" in thickness ("5/8" type X wallboard") is manufactured for use as one component of an assembly/system (such as a wall) where a fire resistance rating is

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The total fire rating is determined by adding each component to reach a minimum total of 60 minutes. Fire protection rating is calculated from the flame side of the assembly and of course some assemblies have multiple flame sides. Your wood framing members are required to be not more than 16″ on center. When they are you get 20 minutes in a

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Wondering what the fire rating on this gypsum would be (ie. wondering if half inch drywall with asbestos is more fire retardant that drywall with no asbestos) On 2020-07-24 (mod) - US Gypsum Sheetrock - "fireproof wallboard" identification - 1920s vintage per patent research

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The exact fire rating of Durock is dependent on the other materials used during construction but a panel 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick typically provides an additional hour of fire protection. A Durock panel with a thickness of 1/2 or 5/8 inch can provide two hours of fire protection when installed correctly and in conjunction with all fireproofing

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To receive the "Type X" designation a gypsum board must achieve at least a one-hour fire resistance rating for 5/8-inch board or a 3/4-hour rating for 1/2-inch board in a single layer nailed on each face of load-bearing wood framing members.

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Important Fire Safety Information - 5/8" Type X Gypsum Wallboard Standards Testing and Certification Summary. Type X gypsum wallboard 5/8" in thickness ("5/8" type X wallboard") is manufactured for use as one component of an assembly/system (such as a wall) where a fire resistance rating is required in a residential commercial or other structure by an applicable building code.

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This fire-rated drywall type is available in 1/2” and 5/8” thicknesses and its gypsum core still consists of glass fibers. The difference with this type of drywall is that it contains more glass fibers than its x type counterpart and also additional vermiculite components.

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The gypsum used to make drywall is a naturally occurring mineral composed of calcium sulfate dehydrate and water. The presence of water in gypsum contributes greatly to drywall’s natural fire resistance. When a drywall panel is subjected to high levels of heat water begins to be released from the board as steam.

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Type X fire rated gypsum drywall that is 5/8 -inch (15.9mm) thick and installed on each side of nominal 2-inch x 4-inch (38x89mm) wood studs spaced 16-inch (400mm) o.c. or 3-5/8 inch (610 mm) steel studs spaced 24” o.c. has a minimum fire rating for the assembly of 1 hour which is a typical requirement for many building codes.

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For example ordinary gypsum wallboard is not flammable but in the presence of a fire will crumble quickly allowing a fire to get to the other side of a wall. Fire-rated wallboard besides being not flammable itself is formulated to hold together long enough to delay a fire for some time. Also a material may hold up to a fire but be a poor

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There are many factors to look at like wall type. Fire testing was done on many type wall construction example Shaft Walls Separation walls Wood Studs Metal studs with insulation and without. Also the type of gypsum panel used Type X board or Type C board. Fire code C has a better rating than Type X.

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Type X – a.k.a. Fire-rated drywall: 5/8" thick has 1-hour fire rating; the gypsum core is reinforced with glass fiber Type C – Fire-code C drywall: 1/2" & 5/8" thick has a 2 to 4-hour fire rating depending on studs drywall thickness; more glass fiber is used than in Type X and gypsum core has an additive of a shrinkage-compensating

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achieve fire resistance ratings when used in recommended systems. Refer to page 66. Gold Bond BRAND Fire-Shield C Gypsum Board has a specially formulated type X core to achieve superior performance when used in specific fire rated assemblies. May be used in designs requiring Fire-Shield Gypsum Board (type X core). Refer to page 66.

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Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are classified for use in UL assemblies that can deliver fire ratings up to 3 hours in ceilings and as long as 4 hours in wall and column systems. To review a collection of these system assemblies that meet a wide range of design requirements refer to GA-600 Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual.

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While additional fire resistance theoretically helps in any building application the question of whether fire-rated gypsum boards will perform as desired has a nuanced answer. Because laboratory testing and real-life fires remain subject to a vast array of variables no one can promise that fire-rated drywall whether Type X or Type C will

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What fire rating does a Board give? What fire rating does FireLine Board offer? Fire resistance performance is based on complete ‘elements’ such as a partition wall ceiling membrane or floor rather than the individual plasterboards that only form part of these constructions.

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Many structural materials will require underlying gypsum sheathing in order to achieve a good fire-resistant rating and gypsum board is the most commonly used fire-resistant interior finish. Gypsum board also known as drywall consists of a layer of gypsum sandwiched between two sheets of paper.

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Note the requirement for the contractor to create a tight not to exceed 1/8” cut-out in the gypsum wallboard to ensure the integrity of the fire rated membrane. OneFrame™ has also been granted an unparalleled combination of other safety certifications including Sound Air-Tight Concrete-Tight IC and Wet Location ratings.

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A fire-resistive rating is the time that exterior wall construction can withstand fire exposure as determined by a standard fire test. Wall construction can be classified as 4-hour 3-hour 2-hour 1-hour and non-rated construction.

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Type X drywall means it meets requirements for fire codes (that could be required in certain rooms of a house). This type contains glass fibers is denser and is 5/8th thick (regular drywall is ½ inch). It is 10-20% more expensive than regular drywall. Type C is another type of fire-rated drywall with a higher rating than type X.

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For non-fire rated assemblies exposed directly to the fire replacement is also suggested as the exposed gypsum board would have experienced adequate heat to begin calcination. The board may be brittle the paper face burned off etc.

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Its dimensionally stable gypsum core is noncombustible as described and tested in accordance with ASTM E136 and UL-classified Type FG for use in select fire-rated wall assemblies. 1 In third-party testing wall assemblies with 1/2″ ToughRock Fireguard 45 Gypsum Board lasted longer than assemblies with 1/2″ lightweight gypsum board. 2

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Noncombustible (as described and tested in accordance with ASTM E136) ToughRock® Fireguard C® Gypsum Board is designed for use in a variety of interior drywall applications for wall and ceiling construction in assemblies with a designated fire-resistant rating. 1 Its dimensionally stable gypsum core is reinforced with glass fibers increasing its strength and fire resistance.

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Exterior Gypsum Sheathing is available in 1/2" & 5/8" thick 4' wide square edge product. 5/8" Exterior Gypsum Sheathing has a Type X core for use in fire rated assemblies. Gypsum wallboard manufactured by American Gypsum contains no asbestos. Basic Uses

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Gypsum ceilings are employed in residential as well as commercial spaces that require specific fire-rated assemblies. These are ideal for ceiling & drywall where fire protection is a priority. Fire Resistant Gypsum Board

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Fire-Resistance-Rated Wood-Frame Wall and Floor/Ceiling Assemblies Building Code Requirements 1/2" Type X Gypsum Wall-board (GWB)-5/8" Type S drywall screws.

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Type X drywall board is commonly used in wall and ceiling assemblies with one- and two-hour ratings (such as Underwriters Laboratories Fire-Rated Assemblies U495 and V416).

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That document is known as “GA 215-15 Repair of Fire-Rated Gypsum Panel Product Systems” and it is available from www.gypsum.org. Fire-resistive construction is based on an assembly concept. That means that all the components within the assembly (studs fasteners and gypsum panels) work together to attain the rating.

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Exterior gypsum sheathing is available with a fire-rated Type X core which is described in the Fire-rated Products section below. Abuse and Impact Resistant Drywall Abuse- and impact-resistant drywall products are excellent choices for locations with a high traffic load such as stairways hallways lobbies hospitals schools etc. where the

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Fire Resistance of Wood Members with Directly Applied Protection Robert H. White Abstract Fire-resistive wood construction is achieved either by having the structural elements be part of fire-rated assem-blies or by using elements of sufficient size that the ele-ments themselves have the required fire-resistance ratings.

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Type X gypsum board is defined by ASTM C1396 and generally requires a fire-resistance rating of not less than one hour for 5⁄8” thick boards or 45 minutes for ½” boards. Type C is an industry phrase to designate enhanced gypsum panels that exceed the requirements for Type X gypsum board in ASTM C1396. What …

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Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 12 ft. Gypsum Board offers easy installation and almost immediate decoration. Panels are easy to score and snap. Their fire-resistant gypsum core provides additional fire resistance over regular panels.

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32 Rev. 07/2017 National Gypsum Company Construction Guide NATIONAL GYPSUM® COMPANY f ire / Sound Selector Fire And Sound Selector fire and Sound ratings fIre raTINGS Fire resistance is the ability of an assembly constructed in a laboratory to contain a fire in a carefully

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Gypsum Panels vs. Fire-Rated OSB Panels Supplement to Construction Dimensions Magazine Gypsumation provides essential gypsum board information to A/E/C professionals contractors and code officials twice annually.

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gypsum board that provides: a 60 minute fire endurance rating for a 15.9mm (5/8”) thickness when applied in a single layer and properly fastened to each side of 92mm (3 5/8”) steel framing members a 2 hour fire resistant rating for a 12.7mm (1/2”) thickness when applied in a double layer and properly

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Where gypsum wallboard or plaster is applied to the fire-exposed side of the wall the contribution of the finish to the total fire-resistance rating shall be determined as follows: The time assigned to the finish as established by Table 722.2.1.4(2) shall be added to the fire-resistance rating determined from Tables 722.2.1.1 and 722.2.1.2(1