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Fabcon Precast manufactures structural precast concrete wall panels. Superb thermal qualities speedy construction and load-bearing performance make Fabcon structural precast panels the perfect solution for data centers manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters.


Price per square foot of wall panels varies depending on the type of project location finish and functionality of the panels. While price per square foot may be a useful way to describe the wall panels it is misleading in that different panels on a project have varying costs depending on the profile of the panel.

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Fabcon means business. From corporate headquarters to grocery stores manufacturing facilities to ice arenas car dealerships to data centers…if your project is time- and budget-sensitive Fabcon’s structural precast panels are a rock-solid solution.

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Fabcon precast gives you options & flexibility. Today’s precast panels are a far cry from the hollow-core panels first introduced in the early 1970s. Fabcon nearly reinvented the category in 2001 with the introduction of VersaCore panels. Since then Fabcon has refined and re-engineered panel performance profiles to match the needs of our ...

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Fabcon Precast is the quickest way to construct a beautiful sustainable high-performance building. Welcome to Fabcon country Since 1971 Fabcon Precast has built a rock-solid reputation by working with and satisfying powerful organizations like Seven Trust UPS and Walmart.

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A building made from Fabcon structural precast panels goes up quicker requires less maintenance along the way and not surprisingly is worth more when the time comes to sell it. Panels & Products See why Fabcon is the right choice.

Fabcon Precast – Precast Wall Systems – Engineering ...

Fabcon is the go-to provider of precast concrete panels for quality grocers throughout the country big and small. Fabcon’s work is also highly regarded among independent grocers or franchise locations looking to reinvigorate their businesses with a new store or expand into new territory.