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how to cut plastic electrical wall plates

Electrical Box Extenders - This .83 cent piece of plastic is

Although this doesn’t meet code if it’s a regular plastic box then it doesn’t ruin the “integrity of the box” in my opinion and most inspectors will let it slide. When a box is too deep in the wall we like to use wire nuts as spacers. Set it in the box and measure cut the head of it off and pull the spiral wire inside the nut out.

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At some point the plastic anchors holding it to the wall will release it and you can pull it off. 5 Cut a hole around the box with a drywall saw if it isn't a remodeling box.

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It eliminates having to put up the sheet mark it take it down to cut then put it back up. With the cutout tool you simply put up the sheet secure it with a few screws then run the bit of the cutout tool around the ceiling box to cut the opening. Good luck!–JT

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Don't simply buy plastic-sheathed cable and run it inside the channel. Cut channel covers to length (no need to miter them). At turns or corners hold an elbow in place when you measure for the covers—the elbow will overlap about 1/4 in. of the cover. Snap the covers onto the channel base followed by the elbows and boxes.

Possible! How to cut plastic plate using Dremel multitool

Why I buy a Dremel multitool: How to cut plastic plate using Dremel multitool. Dremel 3000 variable-speed rotary-tool. Also metal plate cut easily.Cómo corta

Electrical box screw repair: Stripped or broken electrical

Photo: a "new old work" metal electrical box designed to fit into a wall opening without having to cut the whole wall apart to secure the box to a stud. However if the body of the electrical box is not actually broken and if the problem is simply a stripped device mounting screw opening you can avoid that effort.

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Hi Great information for Aboveaveragejoe but I have something to add. When cutting the hole watch out for the vent pipe which is almost always located in the way. Electricians are allowed to terminate wires in fixtures with back plates i.e.. Strip lights. If the vent pipe is in the way this project will require some drywall patching.


I couldn’t find vinyl switch plates but I did find nylon switch plates at Lowe’s and at Seven Trust. I was able to cut them to the sizes that I needed with heavy duty shears. It was much easier and neater than cutting hard plastic switch plates. Thank you for the tip! Much appreciated.

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Light fixtures and receptacles are two kinds of electrical outlets. Junction boxes enclose wire connections without making the power available to the user. A mud ring on a electrical box is a cover with an opening for a switch or outlet and the edges protrude through the drywall or plaster to the outer surface of the wall.

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How to Cut an Outlet Box Hole in Drywall and Install Madison

Installing a new electrical box in a finished wall requires a special type of box often called a remodel cut-in or old work box. The old work boxes used most commonly by homeowners today are plastic boxes that have built-in ears or wings that secure the box to the drywall.

What's the best way to cut an Outlet Cover plate? I need it

plates come in all sizes and some different types of materials but if you cant find the right size get a metal plate and some tin snips which cut sheet metal and trim it then a file or sandpaper to smooth the rough edges and re paint if needed

Why Professional Painters Remove Switch Plates and Outlet

Allow the interior house paint to dry a few hours before reinstalling the switch plates and outlet covers. Only screw the plates in so they don’t wobble around. Don’t over tighten. The covers could stick to the fresh and soft paint if over tightened. If you remove all the wall plates and outlet covers you will find that painting will be

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Plastic Boxes Slater® Plastic Boxes Durable impact-resistant thermoplastic boxes in a full range of sizes — complemented by innovative extras that cut installation time. Easy installation rectangular cutout. S3-52-W 3 Gang Old Work Box shown with Divider Plate LVDIV-1 Metal swing bracket for quick mounting in existing walls. Quick/Click

Plastic Electrical Box Repairs: fix or replace a damaged wall

Repair a broken plastic electrical box mounted in a ceiling or wall. This article describes how to repair a ceiling light fixture electrical box that was falling out of the ceiling beginning with an explanation of how and why broken plastic electrical box swing clamp supports allowed the electrical box to fall from the ceiling leaving the light fixture hanging by its electrical wires.

I need to cut or trim a cover plate for an electrical outlet

I would buy a unbreakable plastic plate such as a Pass and Seymore TP-8 or a Leviton 80703 (available at Seven Trust and Lowes etc) and cut it with a razor blade. Just score it a few times and it should snap perfectly with the unbreakable style.

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Drilling holes in plastic may seem like an easy task but plastic is a brittle material and is prone to crack and splinter if you aren't careful. Knowing the proper drilling technique for making holes in plastic can save you a lot of headaches and ensure that your holes are clean and evenly cut.