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Donald Trump's Border Wall Defeated With Saws and Ladders

At a cost of $6.5 million per mile Trump’s 30-foot high border wall will not stop drugs MS-13 undocumented migrants or sex trafficking according to almost every independent report and

Video shows border wall being scaled. Border Patrol says

A video taken by a Mexican citizen shows the newly replaced border fence in Mexicali being scaled by two men with a rope ladder one of whom makes it over to the United States.

Trump border wall 'being scaled by smugglers with $5 ladders

The rebar ladders began appearing in large numbers once construction of a replacement wall in El Paso was finished last May. According to Border Patrol illegal crossings have increased ever since.

Illegal Border Crossings 'Nearly Double' Thanks to $5 Ladders

Meanwhile The Independent reports “Smugglers are reportedly helping migrants scale sections of Donald Trump’s multi-billion border wall using $5 ladders.” The ladders are made of rebar similar to that used in the replacement wall that is costing taxpayers – not Mexico – billions of dollars.

Illegal border crossings ‘nearly double’ thanks to $5 ladders

The crossings have increased so much thanks to the easily-defeated wall that “Border Patrol apprehensions of single adults — those most likely to use the ladder method — have nearly doubled

Newly Constructed Border Wall Defeated By Rope And Ladder In

Newly Constructed Border Wall Defeated By Rope And Ladder In Minutes Posted By Tim Hains On Date December 4 2019 This is the newly replaced wall along the US/MEXICO border.

110 Central American migrants scale border wall with a ladder

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents have detained more than 110 Central American immigrants in Arizona after they scaled a border barrier between the United States and Mexico using a ladder.

Smugglers are using camouflage ladders to climb border wall

EL PASO Texas – Smugglers in Ciudad Juárez Mexico have engineered camouflage hook-and-ladders made of rebar that blend in so well with the border wall that it can be hard to detect according