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winstone wallboards fire rated systems

GIB® Fire Rated Systems | GIB®

GIB® Fire Rated Systems Comprehensive guides on how to achieve fire ratings for walls, floor/ceilings and structural steel fire protection.

Fire Rated Systems Specification and Installation Manual

The Fire Rated Systems contained in this document have utilised some of the test data from Winstone Wallboards Ltd own testing and have received authorisation and approval to utilise this to achieve additional solutions. This means that where a Resene Construction Systems Fire Rated System is used then it must be used in conjunction with

New GIB® Fire rated systems manual out now - ITM

With the release of the updated GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature, Winstone Wallboards aims to help reduce confusion in the market about fire rated systems and provide good guidance on issues that commonly come up when dealing with fire. The GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature is already a core resource for the design and detailing…

Fire Rated Systems - GIB®

Fire rated ceiling systems 71–74 Universal ceiling systems 71–74 Fire rated risers, shafts and ducts 76–85 GIB® Fyreduct™ 900 76–77 GIB® Fyreduct™ 600 78–79 GIB® Ventshaft 80–81 GIB® Shaftwall 82–83 GIB® Panel Shaft 84 Chase walls 85 Fire rated systems 86–87 Fire rated protection of columns and beams — timber strapping 86

GIB® Fire Rated Timber Framed Wall Systems with a timber ...

Winstone Wallboards Ltd fire rated timber wall systems with a timber penetration. The penetration is fully framed within the wall and sealed with GIB Fire Soundseal® installed in the following GIB® systems: GBUW 15 (15/15/15) GBTL 30, GBTL 30b, GBTL 30c, GBTLA 30a, GBTLA 30b, GBUW 30a or GBUW 30b (30/30/30)

Winstone Wallboards is Committed to Protecting the ...

GIB Fire Rated Systems have been appraised for use as fire-rated load bearing and non-load bearing framed constructions elements in buildings. Show more NZBC Clause B2 Durability: Under normal conditions of dry internal use GIB Fire Rated Systems have a serviceable life in excess of 50 years and satisfy the requirements of NZBC Clause B2.

EnviroSpec - Winstone Wallboards GreenTag Level A certified ...

With an emphasis on technical expertise Winstone Wallboards Ltd has a variety of specialised linings and systems, manufacturing and marketing gypsum plasterboard and drywall systems. Winstone Wallboards is committed to pursuing high standards of environmental performance and have identified a number of practical ways to contribute to more ...

Systems | GIB®

GIB® Fire Rated Systems. Comprehensive guides on how to achieve fire ratings for walls, floor / ceilings and structural steel fire protection. GIB EzyBrace® Systems. Updated to offer improved design flexibility and further simplification of the bracing design and build process. GIB Noise Control ® Systems