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Amazon.com: Live Moss Panels for Interior Wall Features: Wall Art

Moss Table runners, Moss Centerpieces, Moss Letters, Etc. The best part is they are live... Don't waste money on preserved moss from the crafts store that is chemically dyed, get real live fresh moss here! If mounted on indoor wall for long term, these panels will require daily misting or eventually they will desiccate and discolor.

Moss Walls - Interior Design & Soundproofing for Your Office

Moss Wall Live! Moss Wall Live! is living wall art that works with the Botanicus Moss Wall Art system. It is designed for indoor use on the wall or on a room divider. Moss Wall Green Design Series. We combine Forest Green and Lime Green Reindeer Moss into three unique designs that expand into bigger patterns and can be used with or without our ...

MOSSwall® - Moss walls system - Stabilized moss wall panels ...

Whether you wish to simply install it against a wall or have a modular, free-standing wall, this is a complete system studied to accommodate your requirements. MOSSwall® is fully guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase, and is also fully tested and certified for fire, acoustic and antibacterial control.

Moss Wall Art by WabiMoss | Green wall art for your interior ...

Each moss wall art piece is made with 100% real, preserved moss and ferns for a worry free, zero-care experience. This indoor plant art will stay vibrant and green for years to come. All you need to do is enjoy the calming beauty of real moss wall art. No watering, no replacements, and no extra costs. WabiMoss— the beauty of nature, indoors.

17 Beautiful Moss Wall Ideas for Your Home

In this New York City apartment, bricked windows conceal an unattractive view, and become a fetching focal point courtesy of two moss wall panels by Artisan Moss. Artisan Moss is situated in California. Erin Kinsey, the owner of the company, refers to her work as plant paintings and after a good look, it is easy to understand why.

Moss Walls & Moss Art | Artisan Moss

Artisan Moss creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind moss art that gives living walls a new twist: simple, forever green and maintenance free. Our sustainably sourced and naturally preserved plants maintain their soft textures, intricate natural details and vibrant colors.

MossWallArt - Best Living Artwork for Home - Best handcrafted ...

MossWallArt was created by Plant Solutions, a leading living wall design firm. While working as living wall designers, demand for our moss wall art kept increasing. Our clients asked for maintenance free options to our popular live installations. We found that we could create dimensional art pieces to compliment interior designs at any scale.

Moss wall panels | Convex — Nordgröna

Convex. The Nordgröna Convex is a high-class sound absorber made from natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss. The convex form of the panel allows for a full and distinct shape, while the moss' structure enables the absorption of sound waves from multiple directions.

Moss Walls | Ambius

Ambius offers a standard moss range for businesses that need to make an immediate impact, and custom, one-of-a-kind walls that combine variations of moss for a distinct green design. Moss walls can be combined with other living green wall systems to create dramatic, artistic statement pieces that bring inspiration.

The Leaders in Tension Fabric Structures and Shapes | Moss

Traditionally, Moss has partnered with brands around the world to tell their story through compelling experiences. Across three continents, we continue to sustainably blend materials, technology and technique for these brand presentation endeavors – and now also to solve critical public health needs.

How to Make a Moss Wall | Use Pre-Made Moss Panels. - YouTube

To Make A Moss Wall it is fast and easy to use pre-made moss panels, They come in a variety of finishes with all preserved plants and mosses.Buy Moss Product...

Tillandsia Moss Wall - Pollyanna Concepts

Includes: Artificial Tillandsia Moss, Artificial Moss, Leaf Bush Base: Plywood Instructions: Suitable for indoor or sheltered areas. Keep out of direct sunlight (outdoor areas) and rain. Handmade with exceptional care, our moss wall panels are perfect for both modern urban interiors and rustic decoration. Each piece is unique, no two are alike. We also offer custom sizes and a variety of plant ...

Moss walls: the newest trend in biophilic interiors

Their work is stunning, and all are unique. ... Let your moss wall transport you to an ancient place of simplicity and seclusion, a world of mystery and possibility. This miniature landscape ...

Flowerbox Wall Gardens: Moss Wall Art, Preserved Plants for ...

Moss Wall Art - %100 Natural Preserved Plants, wall planters and wall gardens for your home. Decorate your home or office with nature on the walls.

Green Wallscapes

Custom, no-hassle moss walls, logos, lettering, and art for your home, office, restaurant, or hotel.

Moss Wall | Outside In

A Moss Wall™ provides a variety of ways to add interest to interior spaces They uniquely filter toxins out of the air, while requiring virtually no maintenance or up-keep. They are also extremely effective at absorbing noise, especially in the range of the human voice, making an ideal material for use in offices and meeting rooms to reduce ...