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how much gypsum wallboard is thrown away colorado

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Sheetrock is the brand name for the drywall produced by the United States Gypsum Company, and while it's common, it isn't the only type of drywall around. Drywall consists of a paper-covered, hard-packed gypsum core, and it usually comes in 4- by 8-foot sheets with thicknesses from 1/4 to 5/8 inches.

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The most common size for drywall sheets is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, although they also come in 10-foot and 12-foot lengths. While drywall is the most common item made from gypsum, the material has several other uses. Gypsum is great for neutralizing the pH of acidic soils. It helps retain water in sandy soils and it softens clay soils.

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Taishan Gypsum Co., the Chinese-maker of the drywall that sickened those living inside its walls, has agreed to settle the lengthy legal case for $248 million. ... that had to be thrown away.

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Drywall/Gypsum wallboard (GWB) is an accepted fire barrier; however, it is also a huge fuel source for the first few minutes of exposure to a fire or even temperatures higher than 451 Fahrenheit. That's because the paper fascia on gypsum wallboard, even fire rated GWB, is PAPER – paper coated with flammable paint.

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USA Gypsum in Reinholds, Pa., has been making products out of recycled gypsum drywall generated from construction sites and C&D recyclers for more than a decade. The company is in the process of a facility expansion that will help it capitalize on current markets for this material as well as scaling up developing markets that can use drywall.

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Wallboards are produced by methods which use significantly reduced Embodied Energy when compared with the energy used to fabricate gypsum wallboard. A novel binder, consisting in one embodiment of monopotassium phosphate and magnesium oxide, and combined with various fillers. is used to provide a controlled exothermic reaction to create a gypsum board-like core which can be wrapped in a ...

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Drywall joint compound comes in many different formulations, but none of them last forever. The mud can dry out, become moldy or otherwise become unusable over time. The length of time that it lasts has a great deal to do with how it is stored. Don't buy too much extra mud as it will eventually expire.