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rheinzink metal wall panels

RHEINZINK - Zinc Roofing and Wall Cladding

Since 1966, RHEINZINK has manufactured zinc roofing, zinc wall (facade) cladding & zinc gutter systems and is currently the only zinc manufacturer with two alloys.

Zinc Wall (facade) Panels - RHEINZINK

Facade (wall) panels from RHEINZINK has timeless beauty and will offer reliable protection for generations to come. Aside from the outstanding material properties of zinc and its attractive appearance, this natural material has sustainable qualities to offer - check our Sustainability section for more information.

Shiplap Wall Panel - RHEINZINK

The RHEINZINK shiplap metal facade (wall) panel looks unique thanks to its characteristic design without a shadow gap. It is installed horizontally in variable widths of 8" and 13".

Reveal Wall Panels - RHEINZINK

RHEINZINK-Reveal Wall Panels The option of using different installation directions (horizontal and vertical) or a combination thereof, mean that reveal panels offer architects tremendous freedom to implementing their designs allowing most building shapes to utilize this system.

Corrugated Wall Profiles - RHEINZINK

Panel widths +/- 30”. For optimum durability near entrances and at ground level use 1.0 mm thick RHEINZINK. For inaccessible areas use 0.8mm thick RHEINZINK. For cost effectiveness and ease of fabrication and installation, limit panel lengths to 13’-0”. Consult a RHEINZINK Representative for applications requiring longer lengths.

Discover RHEINZINK products online | rheinzink.com

Your RHEINZINK Product World! From facade cladding to roof systems and roof drainage - our varied and unique range of RHEINZINK products exceeds the standard. Visit our Product World to find detailed information on our programme, all products and technical details.


RHEINZINK® is the world’s leading manufacturer of architectural-grade titanium zinc products for standing seam roofing, wall panels, wall tiles, and roof drainage systems. For over 50 years, RHEINZINK® has been producing this very popular, modern material that offers a wide scope for design and is a material that can be recycled infinitely without the loss of its chemical or physical ...

Single (Angle) Lock Standing Seam Wall Panels - RHEINZINK

RHEINZINK seam systems are used to join individual sections lengthwise. The single (angle) lock standing seam is a solution for facades. This system is characterized by the strong emphasis on its seams (width approx. 1/2").

Reveal panel from RHEINZINK online | rheinzink.com

RHEINZINK reveal panels with tongue/groove systems are invisibly attached to the metal substructure in the groove areas using rivets or self-drilling screws. The required spacing of the substructure depends, amongst other things, on the wind load, the type of support structure, the structural system and the load bearing capacity of the cladding ...

Panel Systems - Reveal Panel from RHEINZINK

RHEINZINK reveal panel is a panel system for vertical and horizontal façade cladding with tongue and groove installation. The panels ensure long-term wind and weather protection and constructing ...

RHEINZINK Blue-Grey Standing Seam Wall Panels - Sheet Metal ...

RHEINZINK Blue-Grey Standing Seam Wall Panels. Post navigation. ... ©2020 Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. 150 Pine Street, Grayslake, IL 60030. P: (847) 478-8500 F: (847 ...

20+ Zinc Wall (Facade) Cladding ideas | facade cladding ...

Mar 13, 2017 - Zinc metal wall cladding by RHEINZINK (www.rheinzink.us) is an architectural-grade zinc alloy, developed for the building industry. It is 99.995% pure, high-grade zinc with trace amounts of copper and titanium added for malleability and strength.


General: Custom fabricate sheet metal panels to comply with details shown and recommendations in SMACNA’s “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual” and RHEINZINK Division 7 Binder; Latest Edition that apply to the design, dimensions (pan width and depth), geometry, metal thickness, and other characteristics of installation indicated.

Reveal Wall Panels - Sheet Metal Supply Wall Cladding

These wall panels are offer a clean, linear aesthetic. Horizontal or Vertical Installation; Variable joint width: up to a 1″ reveal or no reveal (known as a flush wall panel) Variable face heights; Fabricated on a roll-former utilizing coil stock or on our auto-brakes with flat sheet; RHEINZINK System Partner for fabricated wall facade panels

RHEINZINK Panels for New Boathouse fabricated by Sheet Metal ...

RHEINZINK panels for the new Eleanor Boathouse were fabricated by RHEINZINK systems partner Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. Designed by Studio Gang Architects, the 19,000 sq. ft. facility is the last of four new boathouses and river launches created by the Chicago Park District to reclaim the Chicago River as a major system of parks and water-based ...

Flush Panel Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panel

Flush Panel concealed fastener metal wall panels are single skin panels which can be used in a wide range of applications. ... RHEINZINK® Span-Lock ...