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Retrofit Insulated Panels (Nailbase Panels)

Retrofit Insulated Panel Wall & Roof Installation Guide 10-15B Aug2015 (pdf) Case Study: Cold Climate Retrofit (pdf) . Applying retrofit insulated panels to this classic craftsman home helped cut energy use by 50 percent and bring the HERS Index down to 59, saving the homeowners over $1,300 a year in energy costs.

Retrofit Metal Roofing Systems & Wall Panels | MBCI

Whether you're doing a small retrofit project or a complete renovation, MBCI has committed itself to manufacturing solutions to meet these particular needs. We also know that metal retrofit systems may carry a higher initial cost, but when the total life-cycle cost is considered, retrofitting is the lowest cost alternative.

Retrofit Metal Wall Panels | Metl-Span

The adjoining panel simply snaps into the previous panel for a quick installation. Uses and Applications In new and retrofit construction, Metl-Span panels function as walls for all types of architectural, commercial and industrial applications.

Wall Upgrades for Deep Energy Retrofits - Zero Energy Project

Retrofit Insulated Panels (RIPs) are a novel product that streamlines the effort. RIPs comprise a sheet of rigid insulation, usually expanded polystyrene (EPS), that is glued to an oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing panel. They are similar to structural insulated panels (SIPs) but have sheathing on only one side.

Retrofit I CENTRIA

Architects specify CENTRIA's line of exterior metal wall and roof products to retrofit drab, faulty building envelopes into pinnacles of design ingenuity. Fully integrated components, superior sustainability and thermal efficiency features along with versatile aesthetic options make CENTRIA products the prime candidates for fast, efficient and ...

Acoustically Treated Wall Construction (Retrofitting)

Acoustically Treated Wall Construction (Retrofit) Additional Resources. Creating Better-Sounding Rooms Download eBook ... Micro-perforated Ceiling & Wall Panels;

Eaton Flex Center Solutions Retrofit Interior Kits

Eaton’s unique Retrofit Interior allows the customer to cost-effectively and safely upgrade an electrical service without removing the existing enclosure from the wall. Retrofit Interior Kits Features: • UL 67 Listed. (All UL listed part numbers are on the back of this sheet). • Saves 2-3 hours compared to a complete panel change out;

Retrofitting Walls, Floors and Ceiling Assemblies Using RSIC ...

Before undertaking any retrofit solutions, be sure to check to see if the wall was caulked behind the base. Many times the drywall contractor will jack the gypsum board up to achieve a tight fit to the ceiling juncture and in doing so will leave a void at the base which often times will be out of sight and out of mind behind the baseboard.