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what is this wallboard book

Ultimate Guide: Drywall, 3rd Edition (Creative Homeowner ...

In addition to standard drywall practices for home improvement, the book also covers more advanced topics such as applying drywall to curved walls and installing drywall over steel studs. How-to for installing drywall in difficult locations such as corner treatments, curved walls, and over steel studs, essential information on materials, and ...

Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results ...

It was a little tricky, but this book really helped me out a lot. The room is done and while not quite a pro finish, it is pretty nice looking and with a couple coats of paint on the walls everything looks quite nice. This book was absolutely a big part of why the drywall turned out as well as it did.

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The revised version of Drywall gives readers information on new tools and materials and techniques that Myron has field-tested since the last revision in 2008. Drywall, 4th Edition offers the very latest information with the familiar easy-to-use format that made the first three editions such great successes. Includes a DVD full of tipes and ...

How to Hang Drywall - The Seven Trust

Learning how to install drywall is very much within the reach of the average DIY enthusiast. With patience, the right tools and a friend to help you, hanging drywall is not very difficult. Once you've learned how to hang drywall, learn how to tape and finish the installed drywall for professional-quality results.

Drywall Construction Handbook - Robert Scharff - Google Books

To remain competitive in your drywall construction business you need only one tool: Drywall Construction Handbook, Verteran contractor and business consultant Robert Scharff explains in expert detail everything from the basics of installation and finishing to the latest state-of-the-art construction materials.

The Sheetrock vs Drywall Guide: Choosing Different Types of ...

Drywall, also known as wallboard or Sheetrock, is a lightweight material used on interior walls during a construction or renovation project. It typically comes in the style of thin board sheets and installed on walls or ceilings.

DIY Drywall Products- Learn To Finish Drywall Like A Pro!

I bought and read 2 different drywall books but I learned more just by reading your free book. This is the best Ive seen. Sam G. I will definitely recommend your website to anyone looking for assistance in the drywall dept.. Thank you again for your guidance to us "drywall impaired"!! Russ N.

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A sheet of regular 1/2-in. drywall thickness weights about 60 pounds. The new lightweight drywall weighs about 41 pounds. A drywall hanger can hang an average of 60 4×8 sheets a day. If the hanger is installing regular drywall, that adds up to about nine tons a week. Installing lightweight drywall will reduce that amount down to six tons.