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what type of wallboard in shower under tile

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Regular Drywall. Regular drywall can be used as a base for tiles in a shower, but only as an absolute last resort. Even in the best of scenarios, the tile and grout will eventually wear down, leaving behind a clear route for water to seep through and soak into the drywall.

Best Types of Tile Backer Board for the Shower

Kerdi can also be installed directly over standard drywall in a shower because, when installed correctly, it creates a continuous waterproof barrier. Membrane-Faced Board Only One type of tile backer board is made with a water-resistant facing on both sides of the board.

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Schluter approves Kerdi over drywall Sheetrock/Greenboard. Sheetrock in a wet area is a major no-no. It usually works fine for a kitchen backsplash or fireplace but as a shower tile backer board, it’s a bad idea and against code.

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Water-resistant drywall is a good backer board choice behind sinks and other places where occasional splashing and high humidity could affect regular drywall. The sheets are made from a water-repellent gypsum core covered by water-resistant paper. Like regular drywall, it’s found at most home centers in 1/2-in. thick, 4 x 8-ft. sheets.

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A tile floor consists of three individual layers: the subfloor, the underlayment, and the surface tile you walk on. There are various types of tile underlayment, but all serve to smooth out uneven ...

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I only encountered 1 shower base that did not have a membrane under the mortar bed. It was a slab on grade house. His tile guy told him he didn't need it, but it turns out he did. As a side issue though. I don't like the mortar bed on top of the membrane because it seems this creates a large wet reservoir under the tile. This would slow drying.-Rob

Can purple drywall be used in shower as base for tile?

Skip the drywall and install Schluter 1/2" kerdi boards. A 100% water proof system under your tiles when taped and mortared properly. They come in 4x8 sheets. easier to lift and cut than cement board or drywall. Cheers. Dave. 360renos

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Fiberglass and acrylic tub and shower enclosures come with a flanged edge that attaches directly to the wall studs, and the proper way to hide this flange is to install drywall over it.