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is gypsum wallboard non combustible

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In regard to gypsum wallboard, the product's paper facing prevents it from passing ASTM E 136. However, because it does have a demonstrated ability to perform in fire rated assemblies, the NFPA has placed it in a special classification called limited-combustible This category distinguishes gypsum wallboard from other, more highly combustible ...

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Additionally, drywall is non-combustible. Drywall Panels' Special Shape and Construction Drywall's recycled face paper is folded around the long edges of the panel to reinforce and protect the core.

Is gypsum board considered to be a non-combustible material ...

Due to the unique properties of the gypsum core, gypsum board is widely used in fore resistant rated construction. Model building codes, including the International Building Code consider composite building materials such as gypsum board to be non combustible if: • The core of the material passes ASTM E 136 • The material surfacing is not more than 1/8″ • The composite material has a ...

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Gypsum board system is often known as drywall, plasterboard or gypsum wallboard. Gypsum board panel system completely differs from other types of panelling material such as fiberboard, hardwood and plywood. Due to non-combustible core and paper facers of gypsum board, they are more popular where fire resistance is required.

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All types of gypsum board products contain a gypsum core; however, their surface can be wrapped with a variety of materials, such as paper and fibreglass mats. Gypsum boards are often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. Owing to their non-combustible core and paper facers, they differ from other panel-type sheds road and building ...

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ASTM C 11, Standard Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems, considers gypsum board to be “the generic name for a family of sheet products consisting of a noncombustible core primarily of gypsum with paper surfacing”; thus, gypsum board will be used throughout this article.

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Gypsum board is considered a composite material by IBC 703.4.2. A non-combustible base material (gypsum) and facing less than 1/8" thick with an FSI less than 50 which includes most gypsum board panels. Composite materials do not need to meet ASTM E-136, but, rather ASTM E-84. So it can be used as the termination of a firewall.