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levels of finish for gypsum wallboard

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Drywall finishing requires a good deal of craftsmanship, which is why the gypsum wallboard industry and drywall professionals have codified a set of professional standards that breaks the process of finishing drywall into five distinct levels.

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Finishing gypsum board using level 5 recommendations is the most effective method to provide a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint photographing. It is recommended the application of high quality, high solids drywall primer, to fill the pores and equalize the suction difference.

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Intended as a supplement to—not a replacement for—GA-214-2015 Recommended Levels of Finish for Gypsum Board, Glass Mat & Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Panels this one-page chart provides an essential overview of the five levels of finish and when and where to specify each. Get it now.

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Level 5 drywall finishing includes all measures included in Level 4, but with another, additional skim coat of compound applied evenly across the entire surface of the gypsum board. The whole goal of a Level 5 finish is to come away with perfectly flat surface.

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Level 0 Finish. There is no tape, joint compound, corner bead or any other accessories. The drywall is hung on the studs and that is the extent of work done. A level 0 finish is used as a temporary barrier or in areas where the finishes have not been determined. Level 1 Finish

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levels of finish of gypsum board surfaces prior to the application of specific types of final decoration. The recommended level of finish of gypsum board wall and the ceiling surfaces varies with the final decoration to be applied and can also be dependent on their location in a structure and the type of illumination striking the surface.

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Understanding the Six Finish Levels for Drywall, Glass Mat and Gypsum Panels The recommended levels of finish are as follows, as stated in the Gypsum Association publication, GA-214 “Recommended Levels of Finish for Gypsum Board, Glass Mat and Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Panels” Level 0: No taping, finishing, or accessories required Typically specified in temporary construction or

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Let’s review the Levels of Gypsum Board Finish, paying close attention to the document changes: Level 0 is used in temporary construction or if final decoration is undetermined. No taping or finishing is required. Level 1 finish is recommended in areas that would generally be concealed from view or in areas that are not open to public traffic.