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how much gypsum wallboard is thrown away

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Sheetrock is the brand name for the drywall produced by the United States Gypsum Company, and while it's common, it isn't the only type of drywall around. Drywall consists of a paper-covered, hard-packed gypsum core, and it usually comes in 4- by 8-foot sheets with thicknesses from 1/4 to 5/8 inches.

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The most common size for drywall sheets is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, although they also come in 10-foot and 12-foot lengths. While drywall is the most common item made from gypsum, the material has several other uses. Gypsum is great for neutralizing the pH of acidic soils. It helps retain water in sandy soils and it softens clay soils.

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Drywall/Gypsum wallboard (GWB) is an accepted fire barrier; however, it is also a huge fuel source for the first few minutes of exposure to a fire or even temperatures higher than 451 Fahrenheit. That's because the paper fascia on gypsum wallboard, even fire rated GWB, is PAPER – paper coated with flammable paint.

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Removing drywall dust from walls before you paint, is up there with the west jobs EVER. Its labor intensive, frustrating, and dirty. But I've got a trick that is going to blow your mind.

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If you have a load containing new drywall and double-bagged used drywall, each type of drywall will have to be weighed and dropped off separately for tracking purposes. Used drywall and asbestos. Drywall installed before 1990 may contain or be contaminated with asbestos in the tape and mud.

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When indoor water damage strikes, drywall is often among the most conspicuous casualties. A ruptured pipe inside a wall cavity, a roof leak dripping down through the ceiling during heavy rain, water flooding a room and rising to meet the bottom of the walls—any of these scenarios can affect the highly absorbent combination of gypsum core and thin cardboard backing that composes a sheet of ...

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gypsum board is often used as a soil amendment and works quite well . i have seen where it was dumped in the bushes and you can see the difference in vigor . there is really no problem in using it however the organic certification for ground where it is used is off perminatly my understanding is gypsym is okay but they get squirly about reclaimed drywall , most of the calcium sulphate in ...

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