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basement ceiling with wallboard

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Plus, the dark basement ceiling rafters do another trick: they effortlessly disguise plumbing and electricity without a speck of drywall. Related: 12 Finishing Touches for Your Unfinished Basement ...

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The metal material on the ceiling gives it some rustic and contrast appearance. As you can see, with just this installation, you can make a different and cool atmosphere in your basement. Simple Drywall Ceiling garagetooladvisor.com. You don’t need to do a complicated thing to beautify your basement ceiling. Using the drywall style like this ...

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Pros of a Drywall Ceiling The Look. It’s hard to argue that the look of a nice smooth drywall ceiling isn’t pleasing to the eye. It blends in to the room and gives an easy aesthetic to the room. Allowing the more prominent features of a room to grab your eye. Really the look is the biggest thing with a drywall ceiling is the look.

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A good example of a drywall ceiling in a typical basement. I’ve remodeled a lot of basements over the years, and one of the most important decisions I face on every job is how to handle the ceiling.

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Consider renting a drywall jack, or enlist the help of a friend. Step 1 - Layout the Installation. Determine how much drywall is needed to cover the basement ceiling. Drywall is sold in 4x8-foot sheets, so measure each side of the room and calculate the area of the ceiling and the number of sheets needed to fill the space.

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Fortunately, advancements in drywall materials give you a range of options that can help reduce the growth of mold in your home. Due to the often damp conditions of the basement, be sure to choose sheetrock that is at least moisture-resistant (often call greenboard) but be on the lookout for products that are specifically resistant to mold and mildew (some kinds of purple board).

Drop Ceilings vs Drywall for Finishing Your Basement

A drop ceiling costs about the same if not more than a drywall ceiling. I'll tell you exactly why in just a minute. When I was figuring out how to finish a basement I thought to myself "Self… should we save money and drywall the basement ceiling on our own?"

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To use furring strips as support for drywall over an existing ceiling, they should be installed perpendicular to the ceiling joints. First determine which way your ceiling joists run. You may need to go into an attic or basement to determine the framing layout.