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removing wallboard without damaging it

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Remove drywall that was nailed to the framing with a flat bar and a claw hammer. Begin removing nails along one edge of the sheet, starting at one end and working toward the other. 7.

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Drywall is a sheet of chalk-like substance covered with lightweight cardboard. These sheets are nailed-over, wood-framed walls and have a hollow sound when you knock on them. Drywall is more delicate than plaster, so be careful not to damage the cardboard facing when using a wallpaper scraping tool.

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Here's a basic tutorial to make removing wallpaper from drywall as painless as possible. Step 1 - Prepare the Room. Before you start to remove the actual wallpaper, make sure you remove all artwork, curtains, and outlet covers. Clear the wall of any decoration or hardware that will interfere with the process.

Remove Drywall Without Making a Big Mess. and Reuse It Too ...

Remove Drywall Without Making a Big Mess. and Reuse It Too!: This old laundry area is about to become a shower!When remodeling interiors you often have to remove existing drywall (aka gypsum board) to access pipes and wires behind it. Most people just put on safety glasses, dust mask, face shield, get a hamme…

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Removing Trim Without Damaging Drywall February 2, 2020 by Philip Replacing trim in your house can be a really rewarding DIY, however it’s easy to accidentally make more work for yourself by damaging the drywall when removing the old trim.

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How To: Remove Baseboard Try a new way of taking off existing floor molding without damaging it—or your walls. Armed with this innovative tool and a novel technique, you'll make fast, clean, and ...

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In the event of wall damage, appliance installation or a room renovation project, your drywall may need removal. Safe, efficient drywall removal calls for care and precision. This guide explains how to remove drywall, whether in small sections or full rooms, without swinging a sledgehammer.

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Removing drywall may be necessary when renovating a room, repairing localized damage, or when gutting a house after a flood. Learning to approach the job properly will help it go a lot faster. Learn to prep the walls for removal and a few simple steps to get through the process efficiently.