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Using knockout panels to create flexible units

A knockout panel is a design feature that is built during the construction of a building. It allows a door or passageway to be installed between two units, while having only minimal impact of the structural function of the wall. A doorway can also be removed, by reinserting the wall panel to re-create the smaller unit.

Knockout Rack Panels | Sweetwater

KO panels are easy to install and you can knock out as many or as few openings as you need, truly letting your build exactly what you need. When selecting your knockout panel, the first thing to think about is the size of the knockouts. Make sure their diameter fits the connectors you plan on installing.

10+ Knock out wall ideas | home, living room remodel, remodel

Jul 23, 2013 - Explore Amy Messerli's board "Knock out wall ideas", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about home, living room remodel, remodel.

Wall Panels — Knock Out

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Tilt wall knock-out panel - Structural engineering general ...

How is a large knock-out panel for a future opening, say 10'x10' door, typically constructed in an exterior concrete tilt wall panel. Obviously, the panel must be designed for the opening but how can the concrete for the door be easily removed and from the correct location?

Knock Out - What Does Knock Out Mean in Construction?

What is Knock Out Definition of Knock Out in Construction. The term knock out is used in many different circumstances in construction. In most cases, the term is used to indicate a knock out panel that is purposely located to accommodate the need to easily knock out a piece of material, for a future installation or some other requirement.

Concrete Knock-out Panels (Tilt-Up Wall)

Concrete Knock-out Panels (Tilt-Up Wall) I want the panels, when demolished to leave an opening in the existing wall. I tried a generic wall hosted family that works well until I demolish it, the opening is then filled in the same way a window or door would be if demolished.

Knockdown Texture 101: What It Is and How to DIY It - Bob Vila

STEP 6: Select your optimal spraying speed. Plug the air compressor into a grounded wall outlet, open the air valve, and turn the compressor on, setting the pressure to 30 to 40 psi.